Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Peas In A Pod Ornament

With the season of Christmas crafting in full swing, we decided to make some ornaments for our tree. I love how the milkweed pods are still able to peak their heads above the snow in winter ~ perfect for gathering to craft with!
I was inspired by seeing these little peas in a pod and thought we could do something similar with the milkweed pods we had gathered. 

To create you will need
Milkweed pods
Green roving
Green paint
Green sparkles
Mod podge
Dish soap
Container or a "felting ball maker"

To begin, paint your milkweed pod.

Once it is dry, paint mod podge on the back and shake on the glitter!

To felt your little peas you can follow this super simple tutorial or if you have one of these nifty gadgets around, it works great to. So easy!

Once your peas are felted you can glue in your little sweet peas. 

 I used a hot glue gun and tucked my ribbon to hang it with, under the top pea. 

There you go! Sweet peas in a pod ready to grace your tree. 

Happy Christmas crafting friends!



  1. These are just precious. I saved some pods from a Thanksgiving hike.

  2. Beautiful , thank you...will definitely be making these :)


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