Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Butterfly Peg People

Okay…here's my confession…I enjoy my craft time as much with my kiddies as without…
today while they were gone I pulled out the peg dolls and decided to play!  
Inspired by Spring and the promise of butterflies, 
(and a prayer that there are more in our yard this year than last), 
here's a little something I whipped up…

To make your own you will need:
wooden peg blanks
paint & paintbrushes
(whatever colours you wish)
wool felt in matching colours to your paint
glue gun and glue sticks
white wire
small beads
healthy dose of imagination and wonder

Line up your pegs…talk to them…see the butterfly emerging from within!
(I buy all my pegs from STOCKADE…they're a Canadian company and have great prices)

To begin paint your peg bodies and hair…this is how I did mine…

Next paint on your eyes, (toothpicks are great for making little dots)…
then a bit of beeswax crayon for the cheeks…
you can decorate with paint however you wish here…
I strongly encourage imagination!

Cut out your wings…I recommend using wool felt…
(cheap felt is fine too, but wool felt lasts longer, is more durable and SO lovely to work with)
If you don't feel up to the task of making up your own template, google "butterfly wing templates"
there are loads already all done for you!

Using a glue gun, glue on your wings...

Then I made them some headbands and glued on some antennae…
the antennae is composed of white wire with beads glued to the end…
the headbands are skinny rectangles of wool felt…glue the antenna to the back
of your headband, then glue the headband onto the head.

The inspiration for the little headbands came from the marvellous 
Mrs Bloom at We Bloom Here.
She has a book all about making peg dolls

which can be purchased HERE
(her creations and imagination just inspire me to no end)



  1. Very cute. I need some butterflies on my nature table.

  2. I'm seeing baby frock design butterflies on my desk, Thank you for the IDEA. nice DIY

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