Thursday, February 20, 2014

Birch Bark Fairy House

A little love for the fairies...

home sweet home.

Here is a simple way to create a fairy house for your fairy garden, nature table or for play in the home.

To make one you will need
birch bark 
pine cone
acorn cap
small jar
ever lasting flowers (optional)
glue (I used a glue gun but I think that wood glue and gentle hands would work well too)

To begin

Cut a strip of birch bark and soak it in water to soften.
Wrap it around your jar and secure with elastics. 
Leave it overnight or until dry.

Remove it from the jar and glue together to make
 the base of your home.

Cut out a circle of birch bark and then cut out a pie piece shape. The bigger the piece, the more pointed your roof will be.

Glue the opening back together and you have a roof!

Cut out a door and glue your roof on.

To shingle your roof, cut a pine cone apart until you have a small pile of pine cone scales.

Glue your pine cone scales onto the roof in layers of circles.

Top it off with a acorn cap....

 and embellish with flowers if you are inspired. 

There you have it! A home for the fairies.

Now we await their arrival and hope that they enjoy their new abode.

Do you have any favorite fairy house creations? We always love new fairy inspiration!

For the love of fairies,


  1. Oh my goodness, it's adorable! The flowers around the doorway are perfect.
    I need to find some birch bark, STAT.

  2. I think birch bark-printed paper would work for those of us who don't live in an area where birch bark is readily available. This is a great craft, I think I may try to make one or two with my Littles over the weekend. :)

  3. So gorgeous, thanks so much for linking up to the OPP.

  4. love it...very simple and beautiful.

  5. This is simply gorgeous! Thanks so much for linking up to the OPP

  6. Oh, that is so beautiful!! What a great tutorial as well. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

  7. The birch bark is so enchanting, when I see a birch the bark is never off the tree. I make bark from paper towels and paint it. Your little fairy house is charming.

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