Monday, February 3, 2014

Owl You Need Is Love

My daughter Luna is an owl lover. I thought for valentines I would attempt to whip up some sweet owl love for her. This little owl is what came to life! It was really simple to make. Here's the how to incase you want to whip one up too!

For this you will need
felted sweaters in what ever colors you want your owl to be
small twigs
two buttons
glue gun (or sewing supplies if you prefer)
dried lavender (optional)

To begin

Cut out two matching rectangles from the felted sweater that you want to be the body of your owl.

Cut a small rounded strip out of the top of both rectangles to create the ears.
(Be sure to hang onto the strips ~ these will be the wings!) 

Cut a heart for the face out of a felted sweater (or any felt you have on hand)

Glue gun it on to your owl body.

Cut out to felt circles of the eyes and glue them on.

Glue your buttons over top.

Cut out a small rectangle for the nose and glue it on.

The sweet little face will then look something like this!

Glue (or sew) the edges of your body pieces together, being sure to leave one side open.
Fill the owl with rice and lavender until he is comfortably plump.
Glue the last remaining side up.

Break or cut six little twigs up and glue them together for the feet.
Glue them to the bottom of the owl.

Last but not least, glue the strips you cut to create his ears onto his sides... voila he has wings to fly! 

Here's a little extra love to brighten your day!



  1. So simple and charming, as always!! You and that glue gun! I'd love to make a class set of these for all my little students!

  2. Little cute easy to make!

  3. I love your cute little owl. I've been participating in a felt critter monthly craft at Creative Cabin and I've got hooked on making little felt birds. I searched the net and found all sorts so I'm busily stitching away.

  4. Do you think white wool felt would also work or is that too stiff? Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. I think it would work just fine Eva. I just had this fuzzy felted sweater kicking around and it made me think of a baby snowy owl :)

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