Monday, February 24, 2014

Rainbow Headbands for St Patty's Day

When you are five years old EVERYTHING is beautiful!!
I made these cute and simple headbands for Matilda and her best friend…
they were well received with comments of "oh my gosh…those are SOOOO beautiful!"

To make your own you will need:
ribbon in rainbow colours
glue gun and glue

Step one, (on left), run a line of glue on your headband with the glue gun
Step two, (middle), start wrapping your ribbon round and round
Step three, (on right), change colours to make a rainbow!!

Step four, (on left), admire your creation
Step five, (middle), cut out your shamrocks out of felt…if I don't know how to make a shape, I always use "google images"…type in shamrock template…you'll get loads of options!
Step six, (on right), glue it onto your headband with your glue gun

Last step…enjoy the reaction of your favourite "wee folk"!


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