Friday, April 30, 2010

Can you guess what is happening in this picture????

Can you guess what is happening in the picture below???

Here...I'll give you a hint...

If you look in the corner of the above picture you can see the skunk that infiltrated our henhouse...
when Keith went out last night he found the torn apart corpses of our 3 baby chicks, (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)...we blamed the chickens, as chickens are known to kill baby chicks, but then a look behind a straw bale revealed this little critter looking up at us.  After Keith got out of the henhouse we had to find a way to get it out, because we have broody hens sitting on nests of future was decided that the telescopic shovel was the weapon of choice, which he used well to knock over all the straw bales, revealing the skunk in his or her full glory.  Then he banged a shovel on the henhouse walls and the skunk finally ran out the front door, (after about an hour).  Of course it didn't leave without leaving us a reminder that it was here...I'll just say that even the chickens didn't want to go into the henhouse last night.

And here is the ACTION shot...

Yes!  That is Keith, my nature loving partner, throwing a rock at the skunk!!!  Luckily his aim was off and he missed...however, the skunk was back again last night to try to get back into our coop.  Now, off to look for a youtube video on how to catch a skunk!!!

Here are some totally useless facts about skunks:
 In Minnesota it is illegal to tease a skunk.
Spotted skunks do handstands before they spray.
Skunks are omnivores and eat fruit, insects, and fish...they are even known to eat rattlesnakes!
Great horned owls will swoop down at night and carry off skunks to eat...they do not smell the skunks offensive odour.

Skunky Love


  1. I am crying about your little chicks, hatched with love, and laughing myself silly at the pic of K warding off the fearsome predator. Never a dull moment. How did it get in the coop??

  2. Oh dear. This documentary of "Keith vs Skunk" has all of the right elements: tears, trauma, confrontation, humour, and will it all end?

    Poor little chicks :-(

  3. dug its way in, underneath the door that leads into the yard...we figure it must have been in there the night before, and we, (unknowingly), locked it in with our baby chicks. Such a sad story, and yet, when I saw that picture on my camera of Keith throwing a rock at the skunk, I nearly peed my pants laughing! Oh...the joys of chicken rearing!
    Paulina...I think it will end badly...for the skunk!!! Keith has declared WAR!!!

  4. Sorry about the chicks...glad you finally got the skunk out!

  5. Did it eat the chicks or just kill them?

  6. A bit of each...I remember that was a sad sad day in the coop :(

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