Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's Fairy Week...let's make some pinecone fairies!!!

Every Autumn I get outside and collect bags and bags of fallen acorns, acorn tops, pinecones and milk weed pods.  I love being inspired by nature, and love creating beautiful things with Mother Nature's fallen bounty!  I put all these treasures into our craft cupboard, so I have them handy for when inspiration hits!!

Today we got together with some of our favourite fairy loving friends, and crafted some beautiful pinecone fairies.  If you want to join in on the fun, here's what you'll need:

Pinecones, (the fatter and rounder the better)
2 milk weed pod halves
an acorn, and if you want a little hat...
an acorn cap!
glue gun and glue sticks
and a pipe cleaner...any colour you wish

:It's so simple.  Take your pinecone and wrap the pipecleaner around the top will wrap it around several times, until it is a length you like.  Next glue the acorn on top, with the pointy end facing forward.  If you want a little hat then glue can acorn cap onto the top of the head.

Next glue the milk weed pod halves to the back, and there you have it...a little natural fairy!  You can put a little treasure in the fairies hand...just wrap the pipe cleaner around it!

This craft is easy peasy, and is sure to delight the little people in your life!  (not to mention,  a great addition to any nature table)!  Of course, our wonderfully sparkly girls just "had" to add some sparkly flowers and hearts to theirs!

In honour of fairy's a silly little song:
(sung to the tune of Jack and Jill)

Dawn and Dave hid in a cave
To try and catch a fairy;
Dawn got wet and waved her net
And caught a small canary.
*for fun, replace the names Dawn and Dave with the names of your own children!

Sparkly Fairy Love


  1. so sweet! we'll have to make some of these!

  2. I love your fairy week, Your blog is just lovely.
    When I made the sundried tomatoes, I sliced the garlic and used two cloves per jar, with a few sprigs of thyme. Jars are the average cup and a half size. They don't seem to last long around here, but I've had them in the fridge for over two months on occasion. I dry them till they are very chewey. But when you resoak them in the vinegar mix they hydrate up nicely, more like, semi sun dried tomatoes but latst like dried tomatoes.

  3. Oh wow we can actually make these lol some times nature crafts are so based on local plants and we are in central/northern canada and we have these items !!!
    Oh those gnomey fellows to the right look so cute too !
    Thanks so much . I found your blog via crafty crow .
    most bestest pic is the big pregnant momma one ☺
    lov rox

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