Monday, April 19, 2010

It's Fairy Week...Let's Craft Some Fairy peg people!!!

I've decided that this is going to be fairy week at my house.  Sometimes I feel that our homeschool routine can get a bit stagnant, and we need to do something fun to mix it up a bit.  So, I'm appealing directly to my daughters innate sense of wonder with the world, her belief in magic and her love of creating new and beautiful things!  I plan on sharing our daily creations with you, and links where you can find fantastic fairy crafts, printables, etc...

Today we are crafting up some fairy peg people!  We used some unfinished wooden, flat bottomed peg people, various bits of material, ribbon, buttons, artifical flowers and a glue gun!
These are her finished fairies, standing on and under the rainbow bridge!

Ruby covered the bodies of the peg people with fabric.  The wings and hair are made with artifical flowers, and the leaves from the same flowers, she even made a little cape for the red fairy.  Basically I just gave her the concept, and let her do the rest.  I think she did a splendid job!  It's a wonderful thing, to let your children just "create" without interference. the spirit of creativity...craft some fairies with someone you love today!!!!
In laughter and light


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