Sunday, May 2, 2010

Here's what we did for May Day...

I wanted to share some of our May Day preparations...this was what our weekend looked like:

We tried our hand at making a Goddess inspired loaf of bread. The idea came from a fabulous book called "Circle Round" by Starhawk, Diane Baker and Anne Hill.  It's a pagan friendly book, and although we are not practicing pagans, I find that it has lots of great craft and baking ideas that translate to the Waldorf year.   It was so much fun to learn about Goddess traditions of old,  and talk about the importance of celebrating May Day, (which was a time to honour the Earths fertility and hope that the upcoming season would be fruitful).  You could use just about any bread recipe to make this loaf...the fun part is shaping it into the Goddess, (and I'm thinking this would be a great thing to do with the kids when learning about history and traditions of yesteryear). Ours ended up looking very much like the Venus of Willendorf.

This was our loaf before the rising and baking...very Goddess(y)...but, look at how fertile and yummy she looks after...

Then we painted a picture of a Goddess...this is Ruby's version


This picture now graces our Nature Table...where we also have fresh flowers and lots of flower fairies!
I just love the rainbow colours on the Goddess...I like to think that this lovely lady is blessing our garden with the gift of fertility for the season ahead.  

Hope your May Day was marvelous!!


  1. Oh, that painting is something else. LOVE your goddess could make pregnant mama bread for the next blessingway (whose??? Certainly NOT mine...)

  2. Mmm that bread looks does that stunning painting. What beautiful spring colours.

  3. super yum! wow, I better get busy being cool. What memories you are creating! ;o)

  4. Shhhhh! Don't even *think* the word "pregnant" around me.

    Gorgeous creations Ruby & Maureen!

  5. I think I'll put any extra pregnant, fertile Goddess bread away in the need to worry girls!!
    Thank you for all the lovely's been so nice to create some new traditions that will carry over into Matilda's life.
    Happy May!!

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