Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Homelearnin' together! (aka another beautiful day)

Welcome to another beautiful day here at the Toadstool!  It was far too hot for crafts today, instead Ruby started her morning with some yoga...(just like her daddy).  However little sister decided that a downward dog looked so much like a bridge that she just "had" to go Ruby had a lesson in tolerance...actually she's already got a PHD as far as tolerance goes...

Matilda was thrilled to have made her big sister laugh...doesn't this picture just scream JOY!!!!!

On the last Wednesday of every month, (from Sept-June),  we have our Discovery Days at a local community centre.  We have an eclectic homeschool community here...we are in a rural area, so if you are the least bit open minded and into getting together with the kids, well, you're one of us!  I started organizing our Discovery Days 2 years ago, and it is the one thing that has "stuck" with our homeschoolers...we get together one day a month and host a day of elective classes...the classes run for 45min-1hour and they can be about anything...we've had knitting, geography, french, sign language, science, art, name it.  The kids get to sign up for whatever class they want and the parents each have a job to do!  As of late, we've finally managed to get people from our wider community to get involved in coming and teaching, (usually for free, sometimes for a small fee).  We also have a nursery for the babies, and preschool classes for the 5 and under crowd!

Here is one of the lovely volunteers from our community doing yoga with some of the kids...the other kids were learning about wind downstairs and outside playing soccer!

Usually we get 20-30 kids out, but today was a sure sign that things are winding down for most of our homelearnin' families...we had about 12 kids out, and due to the intolerable heat that we've been having up here, we had to cancel our farm trip for the afternoon...but, as homeschoolers we are great at being farm trip?  Let's go to the beach instead!!!!  Watching those kids in the water brought back those carefree moments of my own childhood...seeing the kids run in head first!!!  Delightful!  One of my friends used to say that Canada's national motto should be, "it's fine once you get in!", it was just fine...everyone was astonished that the lakes are this MAY!!!  We are so blessed to live in this area where clean lakes are in excess!

Just another beautiful day...

Maureen xo


  1. What a lovely post. I would love to follow in your footsteps and start a Discovery Days here in Pa. Perhaps I'll email you some questions??

    Definitely joy in that photo - and I love Big Sister's socks.

    Namaste and thanks for that push to get me started - I have been brainstorming about getting a group started.


  2. That sounds like a great group.
    Too bad I am not just a wee bit closer, or we would love to join in as well. Especially the swim part - it was 30 degrees on our ground floor today....I shudder to think of what the upstairs was/is. We sang Jingle Bells, but nothing really helped.

  3. Redbeet Mama...definately send me an e-mail...I'm at
    Our Discovery Days actually came from an idea that was started out West in BC...I LOVE to think of Discovery Days happening all over the place! Our homeschool group tried many different things before this, and it has been the only thing that has stuck with us...we're looking ahead to our 3rd year!!! Would love to help you get one going!

  4. This sounds so fantastic! We have a great homeschool group here too! Wish I could come to yours too, just seems a *tad* too far away!

  5. Love these pics, as usual! If your D Days run in the summer, I'd be happy to always.

  6. oh it is great to know there are homeschooling families here in the valley.... I am planning to HS dayvah and any other future little ones.... looks like you all have so much fun together!!

  7. Rainbow Mama...there is quite a large group of homeschoolers up around Pembroke as well, and in Eganville!

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