Monday, May 31, 2010

It's Party Week!!!! Start your own birthday traditions!!

Today is my BIRTHDAY, (insert applause, hoots and joyous laughter here)!!!!  My 34th year of life here on this glorious planet of ours!  This will be a short and sweet post because I've got some serious celebrating to do, but I wanted to share with you a wonderful birthday tradition that we started here at the Toadstool.  Our birthday morning always begins with a warm croissant and a cup of hot chocolate for breakfast, (served in bed of course), for every member of our family!  So simple, and yet we all SO look forward to our turn in bed being served by our loved ones.  

Ruby and Matilda, of course they had breakfast in bed with me!!!

My beautiful breakfast tray...Ruby picked the flowers and drew me a says, "My heart, My home" on it!!!

 I think it's so nice to start a birthday tradition that is your families little secret...something that you, and only you know about, beyond the birthday party routine!  (oh, and now you know my families little's between you and me)!

Do you have any special birthday traditions of your own...please share them with us!!

This week is going to be filled with party inspiration and ideas...Thursday is Ruby's birthday, (she's going to be 7), so we're in full party mode!  I'll also share with you tomorrow some pictures of our celebration and our favourite vegan chocolate cake recipe...that even the worst cook in your house can whip up successfully!

Now...grab your horn, put on your pointy party hat and make a wish for me!

Ruby took this pic of me, the birthday girl, first thing this morning!!

in full birthday bliss
Maureen xox


  1. Yay!! I'm the first to wish you a Happy Birthday (since it's too early to call...although I know by this post that you're awake now!)...I get tired of people "our age" moaning about getting older; some people never see 34! Love the raw beauty and honesty of your birth day pic. I celebrate the day your mom brought you to earth, not aware yet of the wonderful, wacky woman you'd become. Love you too!

  2. Happy Birthday! That drawing is precious xx

  3. Love the breakfast in kids do that too! Happy, happy day to you dear friend!

  4. Happy Birthday (bit late). Hope you had a lovely day. I love family traditions. You can add to them, but the children will always remind you if you leave anything out.

  5. Happy Birthday!
    I am a few years older than you, we are young!

  6. happy birthday one day late - hope you are still celebrating!!! love the chocolate in bed! <3

  7. Belated birthday love and blessings, love that last photo, one happy mama xxx


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