Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mama's Journey

I recently returned home from a trip to the west coast. It left me filled  with plenty to ponder and fresh appreciation for the gifts that grace my life. It was a strange to be away from my girls, separate from my daily tasks that often find a way to define me. In this freedom I found myself untethered. As the week grew I became witness to new pieces peeking out of me. Some pieces felt like an old friend embracing me, gently reminding me of places within I'd forgotten ~ some pieces carried a new fiery strength ~ some pieces brought a  new freedom, allowing me to break out and express with fervour. It was a journey, that as a mother I will treasure. I am grateful for remembering the importance of taking time away from the routines of life, to search out the inner places that often lie hidden, places that  crave  attention and yearn for expression.  I will carry the renewed  knowledge that my family can not only exist without me but will also  remember the experience of returning home to two grinning girls that had stories upon stories about all the adventures they had had in my absence. I  welcome the new commitment of taking myself out of the family equation, occasionally ~ just long enough to offer nourishment to the places that feed my ability to stay connected to myself on this amazing journey as a mother.
Here are some  highlights of the beauty that fueled my journey...

   Beautiful times in the lush spaces of Stanley Park

Sunset at the ocean with my mother

    Play and lots of laughter with my sisters

 I welcome the infinite lessons as a woman and as a mother and I bow to mothers everywhere for the continual gifts of love, sacrifice, creativity, dedication and tenderness that they offer in their lives!

~ Shanti~


  1. It is wonderful indeed when "sight-seeing" bestows the gift of seeing-insight.

    We missed you!

  2. How blessed you are to have gone on this trip - inward. I printed this post out to put on my "must do board."

    Namaste, Nicole

  3. Dear friend...what a touching and eloquant post about your journey out the pictures...they inspire and show what a delightful time you must have had! Glad you are back home again!!!
    much love

  4. I am refreshed and inspired by your words and pictures. Thank you so much for sharing, and most importantly, reminding! Too easily I can forget to take time for myself. It's so simple to live day to day and allow myself to be lost in motherhood. Although it is my favorite thing in the world, to raise a child, I can only do so successfully when I am healthy. Taking time for "me" will ensure this health and happiness. Now I have you to thank for the motivating reminder.

    I love you SO-O much!

  5. What a special time.... I just love what your wrote. As caretakers of our children and homes, I am just awakening to my own awareness of not losing myself, of the person that God intends me to be - getting away for a brief time can renew that vision. thank you and so wonderful that you spent time with your sister(s) and mother.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  6. Your photos capture all the beauty and peace you enjoyed on your trip. Blessings to you!

  7. Beautiful post, Shanti! And it's so true- when I go away for a weekend, without my girls, I come back having missed them and so thrilled to see them, but also so grateful for the rediscovery of the little parts of myself that got put aside. It makes me a better mother and wife, when I encourage and nurture the ME first.

  8. hi! thanks for stopping by and saying hello at my blog. we really love the goats and with only two i don't feel overwhelmed at all. i just try to set limits so we don't get ahead of ourselves. i have barely peeked through your blog and already found several projects i need to make (toadstools!!). and the paper beads. i look forward to stopping by again! be well. xo, pennie

  9. life is so magical! Thanks for sharing your magical journey and you surely are a phenomenal mom, woman, friend.

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