Thursday, May 27, 2010

My magical, mosaic table!!!

Remember those toadstools we made a little while ago...if not you can find them right here!

Keith, (my partner in crime), decided that they were stools, and they needed a magical table of some kind.  Lucky for me, when inspiration hits, he is a do-er...out came the jigsaw and plywood, and before I knew it he had a tabletop cut out for me, and even found an old piece of our apple tree that we had to cut down last year, (to use as the base).  I knew just what I would stained glass pile is steadly dwindling due to my recent mosaic projects, so I had to use what I had, and use it well.  I thought I could do a rainbow sort of thing on it...anyhow...I think it turned out pretty darn good!

One of my goals for this season is to naturalize our yard a little...basically pretty it up.  I was noticing that every picture I took out there had piles of random stuff in cars, play lawn mowers, play trucks, toy bulldozers, you name it.  We are also trying to simplify and declutter...truth be known,  barely any of these toys are played with anyhow.  However, I'm betting that this little spot in our yard will be the perfect place for many a garden tea party!

Now how enchanting is this...the bare patch of dirt will soon be covered with some wood's next on the evergrowing outdoor project list!!

Here is my sweet little miss enjoying a pretend snack of leaves!

We recently posted a tutorial on mosaic during our gardening week...found HERE    If you want to do a project like this, the same simple rules apply...cut out your plywood base, put the mosaic on top, grout, screw into a base of some sort, and stick it in the ground.  Alternately, you could use a bigger stump and just sit in on top!
I enjoyed spending a few nights out in my porch doing this really didn't take that long, and I used it as time to meditate as I was putting it all together!


On a totally unrelated note, awhile back I won a wonderful giveaway on Gardenmama...I wanted to share with you what I won, and take this as an opportunity to thank the lovely lady who's wares I won...
Thank you Samantha of pipodoll!  Her beautiful gnomes and art prints, (as well as many other delightful creations), can be found at HERE and she also has a lovely blog which can be found at:  Check her out!

Happy Crafting Y'all!
Maureen xo


  1. i am a recent reader, having just found your blog and am so happy that i did! this is just the inspiration that i need. a friend just gave me a nice big, round marble top table that the marble is pretty much irreparable, but the base is great and so i thought it would make a perfect mosaic. my neighbor just offered me all the tile and now, after seeing what you and your partner came up with, i think i see mushroom stools and mosaic table in our very near future. thank you!!! :)

  2. Absolutely love the toadstools and absolutely love the table. Got everything I need except the salad bowls.

  3. How enchanting! I think I am going to get lost in your site for a bit. :) It seems like you probably have seen most the sites I have listed, sorry. Hopefully you find something new that you like. Thanks for dropping by.

  4. what a great table! I have project like this in mind. I have an old cable spool that I use for a table in my chidren's room. I plan on painting a mushroom top on it, and adding some stools. I am also working on making a mosaic wall for my garden. Its taking a really long time with the heat, and pregnancy interfering as they do! Great blog!


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