Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oodles of Paper Beads...

My lovely friend from Wabi-Sabi-Wanderings has me making paper beads by the bucketful.  Alright...to be honest, after 1.5 hours of work last night, and a half hour today I have a small plate full.  The plan is we're going to use them to make beautiful paper garlands this Friday, (and I'm thrilled, because Ruby's turning 7 on June 3rd, and we're having a rainbow party, and what better to decorate with than beautiful paper bead garlands!!)  Since I am in full paper bead making mode, I thought I would share with you how to make your own beautiful paper beads!  Oh, and go to Wabi-Sabi and check out the garland...trust me, you will want to make one of your own!!!!

You will need:
beautiful pieces of paper...think pages from magazines, gift wrap, scrap book paper, even newspaper
glue...I used a glue stick
bamboo skewers
modge podge, (optional)

First cut your paper into triangles...I did mine about 7 inches long.  You can vary the width...smaller if you want to make jewellery, bigger if you want to make garland, necklaces, etc...

Put a line of glue down your triangle...get your skewer and starting from the wide point of your triangle, roll it onto the skewer.  Put a dab more glue on the tip and VOILA!!!  A paper bead!!  (my camera just wouldn't take a good picture of a single paper bead, so refer to the top of the post to see the glorious paper beads)!!
If you want to make them a bit sturdier, this is when you would coat them with modge podge...but, it's totally optional.  Have fun!!!

And just because this was so darn cute...while I was making beads at the kitchen table I noticed the girls across the room doing this!!!  Oh my goodness...how I adore these little people in my life!!

Happy bead making!!
In craftiness


  1. I LOVE that photo of your two reading beauties. Gorgeous lighting! On making paper beads -- it can be a meditative sort of process...lots of time for the mind to stay still (or wander if you so choose).

  2. I never take living room photos...too many toys, crumbs, discarded clothing...but this pic is so cute! Love the soft colours, the sense of capturing one peaceful moment in your day!

  3. I remember making paper beads at school, or was it brownies. We made them 1" wide and threaded them on to a necklace. I hadn't thought of using them as a garland. Yours look very pretty. I feel the urge to cut up magazines and glue....I'm sure my girls will help!

  4. My 9 1/2 year old daughter LOVEs to make these. Before christmas she sat for hours and hours. She wondered about what to make, and I said it would be really cool to make garland for the tree. Then I thought maybe that was a too high plan at the rate she was going and without me having the time to jump in and help. I can't wait to see your garland and I bet it will be maginificent.


  5. What A lovely crafting idea. With Winter here, I will need many ideas to keep everyone happy indoors. Thank you for visiting today

    Warm regards

  6. I have to say that paper bead making is another one of these totally engrossing crafts...it's so much fun to watch this colourful, lovely bead pile grow and grow!!!
    I discoverd that using pages from gardening catalogues makes the lovliest beads.
    Now get to making some paper beads of your own crafty mammas!!!
    much love

  7. I just noticed the link for garland making in your right hand column... oh! I love your paper beads & mixed-media garlands... I'm already thinking ahead and planning some wild winter solstice decorations. We usually make paper chains or banners, but I think this year we could do with some wild variation!


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