Monday, January 6, 2014

Rainbow STAR Transparencies!

Today was a snow day for us here in Ontario, so in order to chase the winter doldrums away, 
(and procrastinate snow shovelling), 
we decided to bring some beautiful colour into our day.
Enter the Rainbow Star Transparency!!

To make your own you will need:
cardstock, (for the frame)
tissue paper in white and rainbow colours
star template…
I used the one from Don't Eat the Paste…it has stars in various sizes which I like!

To start, cut out the centre of your "frame" like so:
(you will want both pieces of card stock cut out the same)

Then take your white tissue paper and glue it to the underside of your frame…
try to get it "wrinkle free"

Then using your star template, cut out stars in various sizes…
I did 6 of each colour, each in a different size.

Then start gluing them on in order…I started with red…
(then orange, yellow, green, blue and violet)
Use a gluestick for this part and be very gentle!

Here you can see them layer by layer…overlap them…don't be shy!

Then take your other piece of card stock…you will glue tissue paper to the underside of it as well…
sandwich it on top of your stars and glue the sides together.
(this is a good time to trim the sides if they are don't match)!

Then hang it up in a sunny window and revel in the colour…the simple beauty…*sigh*

And then…back to reality…time to get shovelling!

Happy Crafting!!



  1. I love it! Going to set up this craft on our newly re-acquired (after the tree has been moved outside) busy table....thanks for sharing!

  2. Brilliant! If it wasn't 9 p.m. and a cold is sending me to bed early, I'd be giving this a go already! Love it. I'll be linking to this on's facebook page. Thanks for sharing, Maureen.

  3. So lovely! My kids would love this craft.

  4. Such warm and happy colors! We could use some warmth down here. Tomorrow is another Cold Day in Milwaukee. And what a wonderful neighbor you have to snow blow your driveway. Although you did miss out on a back breaking workout.... So happy not to have a driveway right now :-)

    XO, Hanneke

  5. Just beautiful! Did you all feel any of the frost quakes I heard were happening up near Ontario? I think I'm going to have to try this out just as soon as I have a chance to get to a store with inexpensive tissue paper! :)

  6. I've heard about the frost quakes…thankfully we haven't experienced those yet, however we do have snow up past hip level. It's pretty funny watching the kids and animals try to play in the yard…my puppy took one look outside yesterday and decided against it, (she's spent the last few days curled up happily by the wood stove)!

  7. Your transparency is just gorgeous and looks like one that I can actually do with my children! Stay warm up there in Canada--it's even "chilly" down here in Hawaii...Thank you, Lori

  8. I love this and we will plan to do it tomorrow as the cold and wind have set back in here too:)

  9. that is lovely! that you so much for the "how to". i think we will be making one of those soon. :)

  10. I'm thrilled to know that starry rainbows will be making an appearance in windows across the land!! ;)

  11. This will be a lovely way to brighten a grey view out of my window, thank you for sharing :)


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