Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Michaelmas morning...(or when plans don't go exactly as planned!)

So...the sword is painted and the bread is baked!   Now we just have to get up and enjoy a Michaelmas morning...sounds easy?  Ruby and I did manage to bake our Dragon bread last night.  She did the shaping and excitedly watched it bake in the oven.  I'm glad I had the foresight to bake it last night...before the coughing and puking began, (okay...too much information...I know)!  No...the kids weren't sick...I'm on day 10 of this forever lasting cold that just won't quit...and I have a wicked case of PMS to boot!  Last night before throwing up, I declared to all that my husband "lacked common sense" and that my daughter should "PICK UP HER DAMN TOYS!!!!!!!"  (and yes...I said it in capital letters!) 
Then after several apologies for horrendous behaviour, as well as a declaration that I am NOT perfect, nor will I ever be, and then throwing up...I slept...and slept and slept!

Ruby's dragon!

This morning when I woke up I sounded like a teenage boy, (you know, how they sound when the man voice comes in?).   At least we'll have a lovely Michaelmas breakfast I thought.  Ruby and I got up on our own, and came downstairs...sliced up some strawberries and got out our bread, which was as HARD AS A ROCK!!!!  Mental note to not use french bread recipe for making dragon shaped bread!
Ruby says, " least it's kinda soft on the inside bits"!  What's a mother to do? 
So, we ate our hard as a rock dragon bread, enjoying this quiet morning together.  

I'm a person who loves a plan...and I love when things go as planned...but, it seems that my lesson in life is all about "letting go".  Today was a reminder of that.  I don't know how many times this will come up until I just "get it", but until then I'll just enjoy this reminder...forgive myself...and go on.  Who knew that in our Michaelmas preparations the greatest lesson of all would be for me?!

Happy Michaelmas Day to you all!
I think tonight I'm going to celebrate with a hot bath, copious amounts of tea and a hideously romantic comedy or two!
xo maureen


  1. AWwww, I'm so sorry you don't feel good. It must really be taking a toll on you to be ill for so long, too.

    You know what I think? I think it was pretty courageous of you to share your less-than-perfect day and to be so honest. Which, when you think about it, is kind of the point of Michaelmas: being brave when things go wrong,(and being prepared w/ sure doesn't hurt)

    Here's to healthier days ahead! Best wishes, Kara

  2. sorry to hear about your day and your poor health, but it does help me to realize that none of us are perfect and that we all have bad days now and then. thanks for the transparency! :)

  3. I often find voicing my realities to others allows me to heal and opens up a place for discussion and ahhh, I am not alone.

    Feeling puny is bad enough and then with all the pressures us women put on ourselves to be "perfect" we need these humble moments for our kids to realize WE ARE NOT SUPERMOM, (at least not all the time... as you seem to be a lot of the time!)

    A friends posted this quote recently and I wanted to share it with you:

    The most important thing she’d learned over the years was that there was no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one.
    — Jill Churchill
    (thanks Elizabeth for this awesome reminder about parenthood)

    You show more then a milling ways that you are a good mother. We all need to YELL sometimes... kids do too! ;o)

  4. I hope you shake off the bug soon. I think children learn a lot more if they see us in all our variety of moods, instead of being some Stepford wife look-a-like. Love the dragon bread.

  5. oh no..... you poor thing. how horrid.

    i have felt a bit the same today as i woke up with horrific... "Womans issues" and just didn't feel i had much energy for the days plans. one of the children i look after has been quite grumpy and no one really wanted to slay dragons with me :-(
    My own 2 children had after school club so were in no mood to do anything when i got them home... but i did manage to make a nice family roast....

    Sounds like you still had a good day. My minded children did enjoy making the bread and i'll hold on to that happy momment lol.
    really hope you start to feel better soon!!
    hugs xx

  6. Well our dragon bread is in the oven, crossing our fingers! I will post pictures later tonight.
    I really hope your feel better..don't worry a cold is always a good excuse to be moody and complain about stuff.!!Hope you feel better soon.

  7. St. Michael (and St. George) faced their dragons...and so must we, whether it be a tendency to overplan and be disappointed when it doesn't work out as planned, or a tendency to take on too much...shedding light on our dragons, loving them, then setting them free...isn't that what Michaelmas is about? Poor love...thanks for your I said in a previous post: none of us is supermom. And all of us are and heal!

  8. Not that I want to applause your outburst, but to know another well informed, concerned, deliberate momma, also has bad days is a comfort for those days when I also get out of sorts!

    On another note, Michaelmas is about asking for Saint Michael to help you find your inner strength to carry you through the long dark winter. You have been given a challenge to fit the festival and I think you are finding you will be okay! :-)

  9. What a long haul for you! I hope you are feeling better. Sounds like the perfect evening tonite.

  10. sending you well wishes, sweetheart! i do hope you feel much better soon. and many blessings taming those dragons! that is what it is all about. ;)

  11. I find that warm honey and lemon are the best way to heal a sore throat.
    I hope you had a nice celebration!

  12. Oh how I love it when we are REAL. Thank you for your honesty and remember that ALL of us have those days (sometimes more than others).

  13. I hope you are feeling better Maureen. Sometimes I celebrate a festival a week later if I need to,, the children won't know, goodness I don't even know the date, time, and sometimes I ask my husband what year it is!

  14. This should cheer you up... you won! xx

  15. ahhh! i hope you are feeling better! thanks for sharing honestly! we have all been there! for me, sometimes frequently in one day!


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