Monday, September 6, 2010

"Stained Glass" Windows on a Dime!

So here's a cheap and easy way to brighten up your home.  I call it "Stained Glass" windows on a dime. 
This project isn't for the faint of heart.  I'm thinking that when we want it gone it will take quite a bit of elbow grease and likely the help of an SOS pad to remove all the tissue paper and Mod Podge, but it was a quick and easy way to brighten up our living room space!  
I was inspired by the delightful antics of the Filth Wizardy family!



We simply took some tissue paper and ripped it up into small pieces.  Using Mod Podge we put a thin coat on the windows and then added our paper...and then a little more Mod Podge, (you get the idea)...then I cut out some shapes with the tissue paper and added them on the top.  Ruby did the bottom two panes and I did the top.  I usually use a small foam brush to apply my Mod Podge.  I'm thinking I might add some stars to the top and some flowers to the bottom, then it would be fit for all seasons!  On Filth Wizardy they used a glue pen, which is probably a good, less permanent idea.
I'm sorry I didn't take any during was very spur of the moment, but if we get around to putting on more shapes today, I'll add some more photos tonight!

If you get a chance, and want more Mod Podge ideas and inspiration, head on over to
Mod Podge Rocks!  My pretty patchwork dresser is the Project of the Week!!!

Have a splendid and creative day!
xo maureen


  1. wow-i LOVE the outcome and the simplicity of the instructions...not to mention the small amount of $ this would take! AWESOME!!

  2. Oh my word!!!! I LOVE this dresser! LOVE it!!!!!

    I just made some toadstool cupcakes at my blog :) I like your toad stool stools :)

  3. The window looks a-mazing! I love the varied panes, it looks so antique that way. And the dresser - wholly adorable and fun!!!

  4. The window looks is fantastic!!

  5. i was wondering about the window technique- thanks. and the dresser is AWESOME!

  6. we used washable glue, which i'm hoping makes the inevitable clean up job more feasible since we live in a rental! ours still isn't done though. it has been a long project for us!

  7. I love this idea! The thought of removing it all makes me feel a little queasy. We have an old 6-pane window sitting against our fence right now. I think we will put tissue paper on that rather than our actual windows. Tell us how easy/hard it is to get the tissue off when the time comes!

    Tricia :)

  8. Oh, wow -- you are creative *and* brave! Looks fantastic. It really highlights the panes of the windows and gives it an antique look. And I love that you left the middle panes clear. Well done!

  9. The door looks great. I actually thought you were going for the 4-season look, so adding more shapes would finish it nicely. Isn't Modge Podge water soluble? Maybe clean up won't be too bad.

  10. yes, yes, the window looks marvelous. But it makes me shiver to think of it coming off! My dislike for messy or difficult things would have me do it on some clear mactac and then adhering it to the window panes. Good for you for going all the way!

  11. This is fab! Just reposted on Facebook - girl, you are totally rockin' the Podge! :D

  12. Fabulous design. I love "painting" with tissue paper. It icome in so many brilliant colors. The windows look fabulous and the stars and flowers idea are a must do. The dresser is fantastic...I was so at aeww when I seen it. I love it. Geat job!

  13. looks wonderful. that brightens up any winter window! xx m.

  14. I did this in my bathroom a month or two ago with fabric and mod podge and I LOVE IT!!!! This is very cute too :) Great job as usual!


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