Thursday, January 30, 2014

Share the LOVE Top 10 Valentines Day Crafts!!!

With Valentines day looming on the horizon, we wanted to share some of our personal favourite LOVE day
crafts from the World Wide Webisphere!
Just click on the images below to take you to the FULL tutorials!

Valentine Gnome & Felt Heart Pin Craft
from GardenMama
(we miss you GardenMama…come back!!!!!)

Cardboard Art Hearts
From Little Bit Funky

Heart Strings
from Little Birdie Secrets

Stained Glass Hearts
from Passengers on a Little Spaceship

Cardboard Heart Locket
from The Cardboard Collective

Felt Gnomes
from How to Run a Home Day Care

Mixed Media Valentines Postcards
from iHanna

Tissue Paper Window Hearts
from The Enchanted Tree

Love Inspired Suncatchers
from Twig and Toadstool

Heart Mobile
from The Magic Onions

Be sure to check out our WINTER section of crafts for some more
great Valentines inspired ideas!
Share the LOVE, (and ideas)!



  1. I'm thoroughly infatuated with that cardboard locket. I saw it on The Cardboard Collective before and I've always wanted to make one! Perhaps this Valentine's Day!

  2. So great! Thanks! I love your work!♥


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