Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Father's Day Keychain

Father's Day is just around the corner and the what to make dad dilemma had us stumped once again. It is always a bit of a challenge to find a practical, yet thoughtful to gift to give. We decided to combine our perpetual love of acorns with something he will use daily... a keychain!

Inspired by the lovely Father's day quote "From great oaks little acorns grow" this is what came to be.

To create you will need: 

A flat round of wood or a tin juice lid
oak leaf
acorns (we used two ~ one to represent each daughter) there was still some on the forest floor ~ but perhaps you are acorn-crazed like me and keep a stash at all times!
mod podge
embroidery floss
keychain ring

To create:

Head to a forest and hunt out an oak leaf and acorn.

Brush a layer of mod podge on your wooden round or juice lid.

Lay your oak leaf on top and brush on another layer of mod podge.

Allow it to dry.
Drill or hammer a hole in the wood round and tie it to the key ring.

Thread a needle and poke it through your acorn cap.

Tie it to your key ring as well. 

Tie a knot inside the acorn cap.
Glue your acorn back into it's cap.

 Add on as many acorns as there are children giving it as a gift.

 Write the Father's Day quote on the back.

There you have it.

Ready for gifting!

 Hope your Little Acorns enjoy creating and your Great Oak enjoys receiving.



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