Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Scrap Fabric Teepee-Part Two

So here is our finished teepee…made entirely out of recycled bedsheets and cedar poles.

I will try to explain the process below, but it was really a trial and error art experiment.
The end result was so very worth it, as it's now the most beautiful thing in my yard!!

So…you will need your basic teepee structure 
 instructions found HERE in part one.

In addition you will need
a staple gun and LOTS of staples
about 12 sheets…I paid about $10 in total at various second hand stores.
(flat sheets are best)

So…take about 4 of your sheets and start ripping them into strips…
I used the most colourful sheets for this part.
To rip make a cut at one end, and just tear down…
they don't need to be perfect, (this is an art project after all)

                  Then start by stapling the end of one of your strips to the bottom of the pole…
start wrapping around and around…gradually covering the pole…
when you get to the end of your strip, staple it again in place.

It will start to shape up like this...

Then switch your fabrics to make a patchwork…keep wrapping and switching...

This is what it should start to look like…keep wrapping until you get near the top…

Now…to attach your sheet panels you will start on one end…start by taking one end of the sheet and
from the bottom up, staple it all the way up.  Be generous with your staples here.
Then go to the other side and pull it tight…you will be able to feel your poles underneath the sheet and 
you will staple there. 
I went the lazy route here and just trimmed the sheets after they were stapled in place 
with pinking shears.

I tried to match the lengths of my panels, by folding them over at the top and again stapling them into place.
Then I took some more strips of fabric and weaved them in and out of the poles at the very top…
stapling them into place all along the way.
(my teepee probably has about 500 or so staples in it)!!

And the doorway was just cut with pinking shears into one of the panels…I just did an upside down U.

But…here is the end result…it may only last a season or two, but the structure itself is solid…
I consider it a giant art project really…
there are so many different ways you can put it together if you choose!

This is a horrible night shot of it, but we strung solar lights on the top, so it would light up at nighttime.
The kids were SO delighted with this!!

We enjoy this structure every single day…
we even added a log table and a sheet for the floor.
Picnics, tea parties, imagination games abound!!

Wishing you many adventures in creativity!!



  1. Hi, Maureen! I am loving your entire blog, but wow. This is a gorgeous project!

    1. Oh thank you!! I even had an older gent tell me this was the most beautiful teepee he had ever seen, (best darn compliment I got all week ;) xo

  2. Gosh that is very cool, and I love all those happy faces peeking out.

  3. Wow, this is just beautiful! You did a wonderful job on it, seriously. :) I would love to make one of these for my Littles, but I would have to buy the poles, and that just wouldn't be cost-effective. lol

    1. I'll let you in on a little secret…I bought my poles from the cedar pole guy…they cost me $30 in total. Luckily I live in an area that is abundant in cedar, (so abundant that we have cedar pole guys in our neighbourhood ;)

  4. it's beautiful! i agree with the older gent, it's definitely up there, especially considering the size of it. you must have some very happy children :)

  5. I love this Idea and am thinking of doing it myself. I live in northern BC and I'm concerned about the weather. I was wondering what you do with it when it rains? do you think it would be easy to make it so the fabric comes off easily for winter storage.

  6. I think the fabric on the poles will last a few years in the weather, (I'm basing this on similar crafts I've done with fabric that I've left outdoors to "weather")…the panels could easily be replaced if and when they get damaged, just rip them off and restaple up new ones. I'm not too worried about the rain, but in the winter I was thinking of covering the whole thing with a few tarps. I made this project super easy, (did it all with a staple gun and scissors)…I really couldn't say how long it will last, but those are the things I'm going to do to help it out!

  7. I'm so jealous. I want to play here. Can't really think of a good excuse to drop everything and make a teepee for myself. I need grandchildren!!! Love the colorful fabric, and wrapping the poles. Really charming. Maybe spray a coating of a waterproofing on it? Might be worth the bit of extra expense to make it last longer. Well, give us an update in a year or two.

    1. waterproofing spray is a great idea!!! Thanks for the suggestion! xo

  8. This is sheer beauty. Love it. How fun and nothing is better than something that draws out children's creativity!!

    Have a beautiful day! Thank you for the tutorial.


  9. Oh my! simply beautiful. You ladies are still doing wonderful posts,, my twins are growing so I need some crafty inspiration. Lovely to see your wonderful blog, it looks amazing. I shall try to blog again :) I have changed over to www.earth-boys.blogspot.com, not sure which blog my comment links to.

    1. How wonderful to reconnect with our old friends!!!!! So you are in California now??? Still doing fabulous farm(y) things I see!!! Oh I'm so so happy you dropped by…are you on Facebook at all…would love to reconnect!!! xoxoxo maureen

  10. Thanks for the inspiration! After finding this, I went right home and made it over the weekend! Didn't have the poles you suggested, but, we made it work with what we had! THANK YOU! it was too fun! http://www.leslieannharvey.com/2014/07/ha-na-ni-v-hnai-tlalegwa-place-of-peace.html

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