Sunday, June 8, 2014

Scrap Fabric Teepee…step one…the Teepee

So…here is a quick "how to" guide to getting up a teepee structure…I've always wanted a teepee in the yard…but they are hundreds of dollars to buy, so I figured out a way to make it for cheap.  

Firstly, I found a gent who lived on Vancouver Island, and while it may have been presumptuous of me to assume he knew how to make a teepee, it turned out he had actually made a few in his day.

To make the teepee you will need…
8 cedar poles…15 feet long
3-4 feet of rope
(you are not limited to my length of poles, you can really modify this to make it as tall as you wish)

To begin, gather some long cedar poles…ours were about 15 feet long.  If they have bark on them, you will want to at the very least strip off a few pieces of it along the length.  This is so your wood can breathe and it will help it last longer.

Take 2 poles and line them up together.  Bind them with rope about a foot from the top.

Slip in another pole…right in between the two.

Then bind it all together tightly.

Start moving it up like so…you are essentially making a tripod.

Keep going…see what you're getting at here?!

Then add your extra poles…pole by pole lean them up into your tripod and try to space them evenly apart.

Around and around you will go...

When you are done, stop and admire your work.
This is a good time to move your poles around to make it as wide, or as narrow as you wish.  
Try to keep it fairy even all around though.
Do this before you tie it all up.

Then…taking your rope, weave it in and out of all the poles…tie tightly in the middle…

Your basic structure will look like this!

As far as height goes, there are no rules…make it as high as you like…
but, try to use poles that are all the same(ish) height.

This was the first time in my life I've had a lesson in teepee making…
truly, after being shown the steps I would feel confident to do this by myself next time.
Once the structure is up it's very strong, especially if you use longer poles to make it with.

Step two will be coming soon!!



  1. Awesome! Thanks! I've always wanted one too!♥

  2. Is step 2 out yet??

  3. Great start on your project! Hope you post more photos as you go along.


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