Thursday, June 5, 2014

Lilac Sorbet In Lilac Bowls

Inspired by the beautiful ice bowls I have come across online and the gorgeous (edible!) lilacs that are blooming, I thought it might be nice to try making a lilac ice bowl. It was so simple and the results were quite lovely! 
After the bowl was made I realized it needed to be filled with something equally as pretty! Sorbet is a favorite around here and is actually very easy to make (even without an sorbet maker). We made some lilac blueberry sorbet and it was a hit. Delicate and delicious tasting!

To create you will need:

For the lilac ice bowl...
two bowls ~ one smaller than the other
 lilacs (unsprayed)
a weight (a rock works well)

For the sorbet...
ice cube tray
frozen blueberries

To create the ice bowl:

Gather up two bowls, one smaller than the other.

Tuck your lilac blooms in between the two bowls.

Add water and weigh the top bowl down with a rock or anything (you can freeze) that holds it down.

 Freeze it over night.
Place warm water inside the inner bowl and around the outer bowl, until the ice bowl is able to slip out.

Isn't it gorgeous?! 

I'm in love.

Keep frozen until it until it is ready to be used.

For the sorbet:

Bring 2 cups of water to a boil.
Remove form the heat.
Add 1/4 cup of honey and stir.

Add 2 cups lilac blooms and let it steep for a few hours.
Strain out the lilacs and pour your lilac infused syrup into ice cube trays.

 Blend your lilac cubes with some frozen fruit (we choose blueberries) and there you have it!
Delicious lilac sorbet for you lilac bowls.

Wonder if these would freeze well until winter. Wouldn't it be fabulous to bring it out in the middle of winter for sweet hit of spring?

In lilac love,


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