Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The problem with pussywillows!

Take a few pussy willow buds...

Sure they look innocent fuzzy and sweet.

Add to it one set of fine looking nostrils...

do you know what you get? 

7 hours in the emergency room on a Wednesday afternoon!
Yes...I am finally the mother of a child who shoves things up her nose...I've heard that this has happened to "other" parents, you know, those parents who don't watch their children closely enough!!!  hahaha!

I could barely see the darn thing up her nostril it was lodged up so far.  However, 7 hours and many sneezes later it had come down a bit so that the doctor was able to pull it out with some tweezers.  The whole procedure took 2 minutes.   The person who invented extra long tweezers must have been the parent of a toddler!

So time to tell all...what's been shoved up your childs nose!!??

xo maureen


  1. Oh no! Sorry to hear that! Thanks for the warning. We have not hit that stage yet but I am certain it is around the corner. Best wishes! Kerri

  2. Oh, my daughter would never stick anything into her nose.. My other daughter though, yes, she would. (So I am sorry but I am laughing quite a bit here.) It has only happened once as far as I know, it was beeswax, of course. She wasn't a toddler when it happened though, it was just recently, when she was 5.

  3. aaah! oh no! this will be a fun story to tell forever though won't it? my child only sticks his finger up his nose. it doesn't send us to the emergency room, but it sure isn't a desirable behavior. glad your little one is okay... : )

  4. No stuff shoved in noses yet...but I do have an eye-poker ;-) Yeah, still feeling badly about that. Poor Matilda.

    That's a cruddy Wednesday afternoon. I'm glad it all ended well.


  5. I don't have kids yet, but considering my antics, its going to be an experience. I used to stick peas up there -dried peas especially. I had to have one of those tiny little press studs surgically removed. And I was a $2 coin swallower when they first came out.

    What’s childhood without a trip to the ER with a foreign object stuck somewhere it shouldn’t be?


  6. Nothing. But the Imp did accidentally swallow (he was startled and down it went) one of those flat glass decorator pebbles. He had to have a bunch of x-rays, which was hell. He hated it. Apparently he passed the glass thing, but we never found it - which is weird since we use cloth diapers.

    My sister shoved a lego up her nose when we were kids.

  7. I guess I was just really lucky, nothing up the nose, nothing swallowed (that I know of). She is 8 now so I think I should be safe.

  8. Oh gosh how I laughed at this post, I am still laughing! I know not exactly funny in the moment but hilarious when everything ends ok! My son has put a coffe bean up his nose, I got it in time before it went up to high, then he put another one he had stashed in his ear! He also put a sultana up his nose, again I was lucky enough to rescue it. But my daughter was the funniest and most inventive when she twice put money in her "pocket" as she called it, any guesses where that may be??? mmmhmmm So I either have very inquisitive young children or am one of those reckless paretns who doesnt monitor her children closely enough ;) I like to think its not the latter lol

  9. :) it was one of my first posts here:

  10. Ha Ha Ha ha. Sorry, but this was too cute even though I'm sure it sucked!
    No nosers here yet, but I do have a swallower...lots of poop checking. Yay!

  11. oh my, been there thrice. only to the doctor once. She showed us how to plug one nostril and have the kid blow it out. It would have only worked the one time. Once it was 2 teeny pebbles, 2nd, it was a star shaped paper eyelet. oops. and the third was a bead. nothing since. hopefully that stage is over.

  12. oh my youngest is the fidly one! he has shoved something up his nose... can't remember what now but i managed to get it out. and he swollowed a coin and we spent the evening in A&E getting X-rays to make sure it was heading in the right direction!
    Glad the offending object has been removed!!

  13. This really made me laugh! I have to who never stuck anything up their noses, thought I'd got away with it, then number 3 comes along and I have to get the tweezers out regularly!! Never A&E'd it though!

  14. My youngest stashed two tiny legos in his nose and swallowed three others before we caught him. It's funny now, but it was terrifying then! The Dr. gave me a print out of the X-ray for his Baby Book...

  15. A bead! And then after years of telling that story, her younger sister decided to try it too! Luckily that one was easily dislodged.

  16. No nose stories here (yet), but we've had many a sticker, button, cherry pits etc. consumed and found in diapers!

  17. my littlest girl stuck 8! pony bead into her nose it was pretty gross, the really bad thing is it didn't teach her at all as she did it again a month later :(

    and Bec you are not alone she has been known to use her "pocket" as well -seriously what is with these kids!

  18. Been there done that! A tiny fish bowl type pebble up the nose. He was only two and we trekked to the ER for a wait! That is where we were given this invaluable advice: plug one nostril (the one without the object) and blow into the kiddo's mouth. Done a few times and the pebble popped out! I think that the "blow job" combine with crying at the sight of the long tweezers really did the trick!
    Le Anne

  19. ewww, we have so been there, one son when he was 2.5 stuck not 1 but 3 of those craft googley eyes up his nose, only he forgot to mention it and the babysitter was none the wiser either. ONE week later while we were on vacation he developed a fever, and then we were in a hospital away from home having his nose inflated to have the offending objects removed. The 3rd one was really tricky to remove according to my hubby, I had been asked to leave the hospital room as I was sliding down the wall fainting listening to my baby scream. Hubby is made of much stronger stuff ;)
    my sympathies

  20. Clearly I haven't had it as bad as some parents here. The worst I guess was cheerioes. I just squirted a bunch of saline up his nose and they disolved nd he sneezed them out. Phew. BUT...I did just spend 7 hours in the ER of Children's Emergency for breathing problems on a Thursday I can feel your pain there. xo

  21. My little sister put a bead up her nose when she was a toddler. It took our mom FOREVER to get it out! But worse than that, my cousin was babysitting for a child who put clay up his nose! And a lot of it, too! It was so far up she had to call his mom to take him to the doctor. The next time she sat for the family, the same little boy put his head between the bars on the stairs (classic!) and got stuck! The dad had to cut him out. Oh the things children can get into! Glad everything worked out for you and your little one!

  22. Oh, darlin' - the SAME EXACT THING happened to my M about - let's see - nineteen years ago. The things expand in the nose because of the mucus that immediately coats nose-intrusive things so they will come out. Except pussy willows DON"T come out. So the nurse on the phone told me, close his mouth and blow INTO his clear nostril - or was it blow into his mouth? I can't remember. She should have said I should close my eyes, because what came out was RIGHT at eye level. I finally pulled the thing out with a very dangerous pair of industrial tweezers (heart pounding), and could not believe that the sweet little pussy had turned into worse than a dachshund - it just kept coming and coming. The danger is that the things can end up in their lungs -

    Oy. Yes. Wonderful to know that even wonderful mothers have these moments.


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