Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's Handmade Holiday Week!!! Let's Make Some Pretty Packaging!!!

So...we're doing a week of Handmade Holiday goodness here at Twig and Toadstool.  The idea for Handmade Holiday came from this lovely mama over at Plain and Joyful Living!  Go check it out, and let her know if you want to be added to the evergrowing list of folks participating!  So today I decided to do a post on packaging.  While I'll admit to being lured by fancy wrapping paper, (it's so pretty sometimes), this year I want to be paper free under my tree!  Here's a simple way to make your own re-usable Christmas packaging...a drawstring bag tutorial!

I used a fat quarter to make this bag...it's about medium sized, but you can make these bags in any size and style you desire, don't feel limited by Christmas patterns...go nuts! 

If using a fat quarter, here's what I did...first fold it in half...

And in half again...cut it now into two bags...along the right side.

At the top, (unfinished) edge of your bag to be, make a notch, (about 1 1/2 inches down), and iron that little bit of fabric over.  Take it over to your machine and sew it up on both sides along that edge.

Now iron over a bit of the top, (a few cm)...then

iron over again...about an inch or so...don't make your fold past where you made the notch.

Sew it down...as close to the bottom of that fold as possible...an instant hem, and also the casing that you will be threading your ribbon through!  If you've noticed I don't believe in using pins when I sew...if you want to though be my guest...

Now sew up the sides, being careful to "just" sew up to the casing that you made.
Turn the bag inside out!  You can see it coming together now.

Using a knitting needle or some wire, tape your ribbon to it, and thread it through the top casing.

Tie on a few beads at the end of your ribbon...

Embellish to your hearts delight!  I cut out some holly shapes and used the glue gun to glue them on.  You could also applique on whatever you wish!  And there you have it...the first of many little gift bags for under your tree!

My other packaging idea is inspired from the thrift store...start collecting those vintage tins girls!!!

I've used these in the past as gifts to the neighbours...filled with fudge, and this year I'm going to be using them under our tree, with whatever fits inside.  They're beautiful, and it's so nice to give them a second lease on life!

What are some of your pretty packaging ideas that don't hurt the earth!?

Feeling kinda merry
xo maureen


  1. were you really humming Christmas tunes? great idea to go paper free. tins... wouldn't have thought of that.

  2. I love the bags and I will be on the lookout for vintage tins!

  3. I love little drawstring bags! so easy and just so practical and reusable!

  4. I love that you are getting ready for Christmas and are totally inspiring me too do the same. Two years ago I made a 20 page scrapbook on Christmas eve day for my mom- started at 6am and finished at 3pm. I have learned NEVER to do that again!! I have also been inspired by your drawstring bag. My daughter starts school this year and they want everything in a ziplock bag but I was trying to find an earth friendly version which I now have. 6 days to get the material and make them...bring it on!

  5. Amanda...humming Christmas carols during this Ontario heat wave really isn't a bad idea!!! Anything to keep cool, (or give the illusion of cool)!
    xo maureen

  6. Go to your nearest fabric store. Ask them for a bodkin. It sounds medieval, costs about $2, and will change the way you thread string/elastic/ribbon through casing...not that there's anything wrong with your method! Now I'm rethinking the "ziploc bag" idea in my classroom...do I have time to sew 40 drawstring bags??

  7. great wrapping ideas! Now I'm getting all kinds of Christmasy ideas. :-)

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