Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Locks of Love

My girls recently decided they wanted to cut their hair short ~ my immediate reaction was...are you sure?! ... your hair is so long and lovely! (and in my head saying nooooo!!!!). I approached my older sister with this dilemma and she gently reminded me that motherhood is a continual letting go and perhaps this was one more opportunity to practice surrender. I know it is silly, but I had become attached to their long locks. They had only ever had it trimmed since they were born. I loved braiding it. I loved the remnants of  their baby curls. I loved how it framed their faces.
As much as I resisted the idea though, I knew she was right...I needed to learn to let go a little more.  I also realized that we could use this beautiful hair for locks of love ~ an organization that provides hair pieces for children who have lost their hair due to cancer.  We had spent time in the hospital this past year, saying our goodbyes to a dear friend with this hit close to home for us.  I discussed this all with the girls and they were very willing to offer their hair to such a wonderful place.

A farewell to the locks...

The big snip (and sniff sniff for me)

Tracey at C.O. Creative Hair Concepts did a wonderful job making the girls (and me) feel at ease. She is a wonderful stylist and worked magic on their hair.

Twelve inches to offer!!!

Suddenly my Luna looked so grown up...

Ta Da  ~ pony tails ready to offer...

My sister (who gave the great advice) also brought two of her girls for locks of love hair cuts. The cousins  had so much fun watching each other become transformed...lots of giggling, fluffing and flinging of the new hair and giddy excitement!

Now I look at my girls with their new grown up looks and still see the same faces I absolutely adore looking back at me ~ realizing  letting go isn't always as hard as it seems.

This small taste of allowing and supporting what my children wanted, in the face of my own resistance, has me recognizing the ever changing journey we are on as a mothers.

Feeling connected to all you mama's out there ~ as bit by bit ~ we allow our children to teach us the art of letting go. 
 ~ Shanti~


  1. And such beautiful locks - on and off!

  2. ::shiver:: this was such a beautiful post...and the pictures, too. What a lesson everyone learned in embarking on always, wonderful and inspirational!

  3. well done ladies. great to pass on the hair to someone in need.xx

  4. What a beautiful thing to do with your girls. Not only do they look absolutly gorgeous with their new hairstyles but they will be bringing joy to someone else at the same time.
    My girls have just grown their hair out long and so I can understand your attachment issues there :)
    But what a great way to tkae that first step in letting them make their own choices.
    Wonderful post. Warmed my heart!

  5. What a lovely post Maureen, how fantastic that you are going to send their locks to this amazing organisation:) Truly inspiring and wonderful food for thought:)

  6. My daughter Willow and I did this a year ago... it is difficult to let go... what I learned in my journey through it? Motherhood is an ebb and flow.... they push away and drift back... it is a beautiful and thankfully for mamas gradual process. You did remarkably well, allowing them to make their own choices... good for you Maureen...

    Light and love
    Autumn mama

  7. What a moving post, how brave to let them make their own decisions and what a kind offering to make to others, it's tough being a Mum, I often forget that we're all learning as we go along - sometimes change isn't as hard as we think it will be, x

  8. So beautiful! You should be soooo proud of your girls!! :)

  9. Sorry gals...I can't take credit for this beautiful post...this is Shanti's and her two beautiful girls! I'm not sure if there's enough hair in my house to do this yet!
    xo maureen

  10. What a great story. They all look adorable. I love that you created meaning from something that scared you. You are such a good writer! Thanks for a little inspiration today.

  11. Yay Shanti! Sarah did the same a year ago and has never regretted it. And trust me, these new styles make bathtime/combing, etc SO much more pleasant! :) I love how both my girls are no longer weighed down by their hair. I can see their faces so much better. And their beautiful tiny necks. And their shoulders...

  12. I have an award for you at my blog...because I love your blog!

  13. LOVE this post!! I have been growing my hair since 2007 for this very same reason. When I started, it was about 2 inches long. I still have another 4 inches or so before can cut it but hope to do so for my 40th birthday!!
    I love the photo of the four girls with their pony tails. I think Locks of Love would really appreciate copies of these pics.

  14. I have been donating my hair every two years since 1995 and now my boys decided they want to grow their hair to donate! I love Locks of love and I love your bravery in letting go.
    Parenting is the best teacher and mirror, sometimes it is wonderful others so challenging.
    Bravo and super beautiful lady girls you have there!

  15. What a wonderful selfless thing for your girls to do and what a wonderful mama for letting them do it! You must be so proud of them. They all look super cute with their short locks and pixie cuts!

  16. OH how sweet! My sis-in-law did this and I thought about it too.... My little girls however still love their long locks for now.

  17. Found your blog through your comment at Time to Craft. I love this post - it is SO hard to let go, but sometimes the rewards are greater than we expected. I think their new do's are adorable, and how great to know that they have helped someone. I love your blog! Looking forward to reading more.

  18. This is a warm and honest post that I can relate to. I couldn't help but hear myself questioning similar positions I have found myself in with my own children in the past, whilst reading this blog. I think it is fantastic that the girls were able to donate their hair. Great reading, thanks for sharing!

  19. Such a great cause...and I love the short summer 'dos!


  20. I'd urge everyone to do some research on Locks of Love...


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