Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nature Inspired Fairy Party!

Creating a Fairy Party That Embraces  Simplicity and Beauty ( and doesn't bite a hole in your wallet!)

Birthday parties are wonderful fun yet they can easily spill over into too much ~ too much work, too much junk, too much pressure. So my goal in creating this party was to use what we had on hand and embrace a simple way to celebrate in style! 
For my Luna's eighth birthday she decided she wanted a flower fairy party.  I knew between working full time and wanting to really enjoy the day of the party, I needed to find easy, nature inspired ways to bring this party to life!

So we made a plan...
First she made her party list of a few friends and her cousins...

She  created some simple birch bark invitations to offer out ~ giving them all the needed information please wear wings if you have them (if not we have extra) and potluck fairy food snacks (shared food is the way to go in keeping things simple!)

This was all mainly her project and she was happy to have it that way ~ she loved collecting, cutting and creating these invites...

She crafted away ~ creating  a little pine cone fairy and a maple key dragonfly to give to each of her friends  and placed them in these satin flower bags...

We then decided every fairy needs to be crowned!
So we collected our supplies ~ raffia and paper flowers...

We braided the raffia (a great way for girls to practice their braiding) and then took the paper flowers (that had wire attached) and wrapped the wire  flowers into each braided band. I also collected a big bouquet of  flowers on the day of with the intention that each girl could fill her wreath with some fresh flowers too!

Where would a fairy be without a wand to sparkle her magic all around?! 
We created our fairy wands with these lovely"wands" I found made of dyed seedpods.

Feeling they needed a personal touch we added sage and curly grass from our back yard and tied it all on with ribbons of raffia.

When the celebration day came ~  we crowned each these beautiful fairies and offered them their magical fairy wands...

Our plan was to spend to whole day at Luna's favorite spot, crooked slide park. A hidden gem in our valley that has beautiful falls, rocks to climb and hop, paths to adventure on and a natural water slide! Needless to say not long after this photo ~ after the girls had jumped into their swim suits and were frolicking and I was getting ready to pull out all the food ~ IT DOWN POURED!!!
Lucky for me, my sister who was there with her girls, lives only a bit away and welcomed us to crash her home. So we packed up in a wet flash and relocated the party.
One more lesson in going with the flow and letting go!
Luna's flower fairy cake ~ cupcakes with whipped cream topped with an edible flower.

We resumed the festivities... not letting a silly thing like the rain drown our joy!

It was a lovely celebration ~  offering lessons on this journey of motherhood  ... learning to embrace simplicity  and learning to let go and allow the unexpected with a peaceful heart.

~ Shanti ~


  1. Oh, Shanti, this is so beautiful! I'm sorry we missed it. Middling would have loved helping Luna celebrate the big 8! We have the beautiful bark invitation up on display. It is the most gorgeous,earthy, and sparkly invitation we've ever seen.

    Happy belated birthday blessings to sweet flower-fairy Luna!


  2. what a day!!! a fantastic job! wow!!

  3. What an incredible day you all created. I am in love with the invitations, that is such a special way to announce the occasion. Just gorgeous

  4. what a gorgeous celebration! love the crowns and wands and the invitations are the most special i have ever seen!! ;)

  5. Oh how i wish our birthday parties could have more faries and not quite so may pirates and dinosaurs! This looked so beautiful.

  6. You guys have so much fun, and add so much beauty to ordinary things.

  7. That is beautiful! What a great way to celebrate a birthday!

  8. Such a delightful little fairy party, with beautiful flowery crowns and wands. I love the bark invitation. All so lovely once again!

  9. It looks like so much fun! My nieces are both having birthdays next month and I think they would love a fairy party. I'll have to mention it to my sister. Great idea!

  10. So sweet!! How creavite darling!


  11. Oh! Those birch bark invitations, the lovely party bags, the beautiful crowns, inspiring ideas, if only Little Bean were keen on fairies, instead he prefers cars, machines, trains and such like! Oooo, maybe I could adapt the ideas for an elf Christmas celebration... Now my mind is ticking over all sorts of ideas!

  12. Lovely Post! I'm excitedly preparing for my daughter's fairy party in a few weeks...I wonder if you would share what you used to make your lovely flower crowns? I'm guessing dyed seed-pods and raffia??? I'd love to stay away from plastic, and those look so wonderfully durable!


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