Monday, September 6, 2010

Acorn Babies Guest Tutorial over at ecoMILF!!!

Awhile back a call was put out to help by ecoMILF for some guest posts while she is busy trying to get acquainted with a brand new baby to be! 
Well...I can still remember those early days with a new baby...there is SO much to do, and a brand new little human to get acquainted with!  I wanted to help out, so we did a guest post on how to make acorn babies!

So...wanna learn how to make these little lovelies???  Well then head on over to ecoMILF for a full tutorial!

xo maureen


  1. They are adorable! Off to have a look:)

  2. You just do the absolute BEST stuff! I'm sad though, because milkweed doesn't grow in the UK like it does at home and they are so hard to find. Time to brainstorm about what else I could use. Hmmmmm.......

  3. Thank you again Maureen!! I adore this tutorial. I am really enjoying the time off from writing and being able to get into a new rhythm with the little ones. xx m.

  4. Neumaisse...I'll trade you some teasels for some milkweed pods ;) Now there's something I can't find in my back yard!
    *I'm getting desperate to make a teasel hedgehog!!!!

    xo maureen

  5. Adorable! What *is* it about acorn caps? And milkweed pods? Enchanting.

  6. These are adorable babies, and what an awesome blog. I linked to this picture and page from my blog post about making things from natural objects in the winter-time. (I made pine-cone birdies and then wanted to list a few other really cool project tutorials) that I found. Please let me know if you do not want to be linked to from my post, and I will remove the info promptly.

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