Monday, September 27, 2010

Preparing for Michaelmas!

We're in full swing here, getting ready for Michaelmas. 

I'll be honest here, this is the first year we're celebrating.  It seems like a good time, as we're currently doing a unit study about Saints, so I want to incorporate as many of these Saintly celebrations as possible in the months ahead! 

We've read several versions of the St Michael some of our library books, and online.  After reading our story, I'll often get Ruby to draw or paint a picture based on the story she just heard.  Here's one of her dragons...I put it over our nature table where it will stay until after Michaelmas. 

I also made a little felt dragon based on this pattern at Rhythm of the Home it's just SO sweet, (if you're going to make one start's a beautiful craft, but it did take several hours to put it together).

sanding the sword!

Then Ruby and her dad built a sword together.  Cut out from an old piece of wood we had out in the yard.  Tonight we sanded it...tomorrow we'll paint it!   Ruby insisted that Matilda needed to wear safety goggles while they sanded...however, we could only find an extra pair of sunglasses...this is the funniest picture of the day.

I found some fantastic Michaelmas inspiration at Rockin' Granola...I think this is the BEST post on Michaelmas that I've seen.  Check out the story links that she's provided...there are some great stories to check out.

Go to Our Little Nature Nest for some fabulous Michaelmas celebration ideas and inspiration...found HERE!!!

St George and the dragon by Edward Burne-Jones

And if you want to check out some of the festivals going on in Waldorf communities, (and be green with envy like me), check out these folks
What I love most is that all of these ladies and their families attended the same festival, and I love the different takes on their respective days.  I just have one question for you?  Which one of you ladies is going to take in my family next year so we can come too!!!???

There is also this lovely celebration documented at You Know How We're an Art Family...
I'm so inspired!

Oh, there are just so many possibilities for celebrating this festival!   You can get as "into" it as you please, or you can just read a story about St Michael or St George to honour the day.

Ruby is busy working on some "puppets" at the moment!

xo maureen


  1. oh, me, me, me!! ;) thanks for the rockin granola link, very comprehensive. i refer to our little nature nest often. she has such great info and ideas!

    you're right, there are so many different ways to celebrate. as with any holiday, i suppose. there are also so many celebrations that one can not possibly honor them all! as a community we do three seasonal main festivals (michaelmas, advent spiral, may faire, and sometimes midsummer's day). as a family, we incorporate something new each year. this year we are taking on day of the dead (not waldorf but something we have wanted to do) and st nicholas day.

    i love how your dragon turned out!! i have been wanting to make that one, too. i'm pretty sure i won't even have started it before michaelmas arrives though. ;)

  2. how cool! we are excited for the coming season and all the inspiration it will bring!

  3. It is indeed so wonderful to see how differently everyone celebrates the different seasons and festivals. This was our first Michaelmas too, and from now on I will spend more time in preparation and add it to our yearly celebrations. Although we will not be here to celebrate with this wonderful community next year, we have certainly been inspired for the years to come.

  4. Maureen, your felt dragon is fabulously fiery! Do keep him away from St. Michael. Oh, and when he's done with slaying dragons, do you suppose he'd take on some e-gremlins?

    What a wonderful resource of links you've provided here. Thank you!

  5. May check this out for a class celebration...the joy of teaching in a Catholic school! LOVE the dragon, and esp. Ruby's painting...hers are always framers! We use all manner of "safety" goggles in this house too...St. Michael protect us and our eyes!

  6. Thank you for sharing all of these great links - I think I will share the stories with my children this year as I didn't take the time to plan as much as I had hoped.
    The dragon is wonderful and thanks for sharing as I think I will add it to handmade holiday journal to make for my youngest.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  7. Our first Michaelmas too! really enjoying it so far. looking forward to lots of activities tomorrow with the children i look after and continuing it at home with my boys after school!
    So many lovely blogs about it and loving all your great activities!!

  8. Thank you for your kind words and for linking back to RG - so kind.

    Lovin' the super cool saftey "goggles" :-)

    Best wishes!

  9. What an adorable dragon... my daughter Willow is working on one in needle felting... i will post pics when she is done ! lovely !

    light and love
    Autumn mama

  10. Lovely! I linked to your post on my Michalemas post. :)
    Hope you're feeling better though. :(

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