Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our Autumn Swap!

This afternoon my house was filled with the LOVE and JOY of friends and their children!
It was the day of our Autumn swap!
We decided to do a swap so we could grow our collection of nature table goodies...this ended up being a low cost way for us all to enjoy some beautiful handmade works of art and craft for our homes.
I tell you, as we're pulling out the goodies, it was like Christmas...all the kids were busily playing, but us moms were all gathered around the table like anxious kids on Christmas morning. 
There were many squeals of delight!

the chaotic kitchen table...brimming with goodies to eat and beautiful gifts!

sweet Autumn gnomes...with hand dyed felt from our mysterious good friend at Wabi Sabi Wanderings and a lovely knitted acorn from Stephanie at The Knitty Gritty Homestead!

Here is Stephanie showing off the lovely Autumn garland from our friend Erin at Embracing the Now!

Erin also included a copy of this poem for us all!

And a set of acorn fairies from Shanti, (my bloggin' partner and dear friend).  They are so dainty they went straight to the nature table!

If you look a few posts down, you'll see the lovely felt pumpkins I made for everyone!

The reason I want to share this with you all is because this is truly a low cost and FUN way to expand your own goodies for your nature tables.  If you don't have crafty friends nearby to swap with, then start with your blogging friends...SO many of the beautiful bloggers out there are talented and crafty!  Ask around,  the worst someone will say is "no thank you!" 
As we set up our nature table tonight, I just felt this great sense of warmth...the beauty of my friends now radiates on that table and their energy and LOVE will get us through another season here at the Toadstool!

with thanks!
xo maureen


  1. I confess, I've set mine up HIGH where my kids can see them but not destroy them...I'll wait a few more years till our nature table tinies become truly interactive...for now they can play with the acorns, leaves, and seed pods that are unbreakable! It was a lovely afternoon...thank you!

  2. yay for swapping!! i just love the connections i have made through swaps and the beautiful handmade beauties that have been shared!

    do you know about bits of goodness? it is a yahoo group of waldorf inpired swappers. so much fun and love there! check it out:

    see pics of past swap items here:

  3. great idea!!!!! such beautiful and creative items, too!

  4. What a gorgeous idea. Getting friends together and swapping seasonal makes. Nice start to Autumn/Fall.

  5. How lovely! I really want to do one of these one day! I have also seen Bits of Goodness...its fantastic! x

  6. This is so beautiful and such a wonderful thing to do!
    Have a wonderful day filled with blessing. xx

  7. What a cute baby! How blessed to share in friendship with crafty kindred. Middling and Youngest Son have been absorbed in playing with the nature table as it is gradually transitioning to autumn. Many thanks to you, dear Maureen, for hatching and hosting such a wonderful crafternoon!

    Much love...

  8. Ohhh...I love this. We spent some time this morning setting up our autumn nature shelf too, complete with an orange scarf and those sweet little creations we were graced with yesterday. The children are delighted!

  9. Today I would like to pass to you a blog award which was given to me, when you have some time please visit my blog.

    Have a beautiful day. xx

  10. I just posted about my swap. LOVE trading!

  11. Oh and thanks Momma Rae for the swapping link!


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