Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Snowy Play & Snow Catchers!

With our outside world covered in a blanket of white, I find there are days I feel lost as to how to keep my girls occupied or to coax them outside.
On this day ~ it was snowing those big beautiful flakes and I wanted to get us out the door into the awaiting winter wonderland.
So I made some "snow catchers"~ a great way for them to get a close up look at the uniqueness and beauty of each snowflake (and get them outside ;)!

To create I cut out squares of cardboard and glued on some black felt. I then glued (with a glue gun) on a  large popsicle stick for a handle...

The girls admired

and ran around trying to "catch" as many as they could!

It lasted awhile but then they moved onto more snow fun...
Eating it

sliding through it

tumbling and rolling in it

creating snow angels with it

and playing blizzard (our version of a snowball fight when the snow isn't packing snow) in it ~
a favorite way to get out the cabin fever crazies!

Looking forward to the spring ~ but for the time being I am searching out the joys in winter ...

continually discovering the magic it holds.

Any fun winter activity ideas you could pass my way?

Here's to staying warm, endless cups of tea, snuggling by the fire and frolicking in fresh snowfalls.
With warmth
~ Shanti ~


  1. It looks like you had a great time. I love seeing others who get their kids out in the snow too.

    My two girls love using spray bottles of diluted food colouring to 'paint' the snow, and they also love using their buckets and spades to make snow castles.

  2. What a fun post! That photo of Solana eating the snow is absolutely stunning and you look so beautiful in that shot where you are creating a "blizzard". Thanks for sharing!

  3. Beautiful photos! Look at that snow, too! It always amazes me that my little ones always find something new to do out there every time. Lately it's been building- snowmen and "mountains"

  4. Lola ia a big fan of eating snow as well. Such lovely pictures! Oh, and thank you for the tip on using a cookie cutter when making a potato stamp. We stamped cards and tags all weekend!


  5. Wow, what a cool idea for a snow catcher! We will use it for sure!!!!! Thanks! :))))

  6. Hello dear Shanti! This is such a cool idea! We need to do it before everything melts!!

    I am checking in to see if the Fairy House has made it to Canada?....I am keeping my fingers crossed that there were not too many repairs upon its arrival!! xo

  7. Fiona... thank you for the great snow play ideas!

    Melissa... we are awaiting your package with excitement and anticipation!!! shall let you know when it gets here. xo

  8. Thank you for helping me see the beauty and joy that winter still has to offer. It was beginning to lose it's lustre, in my eyes. What better way to look at life though, than through the eyes of children! Their kind of JOY is simply contagious!!

  9. Hi! Can't find a way to contact you, so I'm leaving a comment. I'm a journalist and run a blog on mindful parenting. I want to interview you for my creative mama series. Can you email me at ariannecope-at-gmail-dot-com. Thanks!

  10. I was so sad to see our snow go during those warm days. Knowing that there are weeks of winter left yet, I figure it is best enjoyed with snow!

    Your photos capture the joy of winter, and the joy of your beautiful family.

  11. Oh, Shanti!!! I love your blog! Your play in the snow made me smile. love, Beth


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