Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Envelope Tutorial...and the cutest free stationery ever!!!

here are some of our finished envelopes...

So with our penpal match up well under way, I thought I'd do a little homemade envelope tutorial.
You'll need envelopes of various sizes, patterned paper, (think old books, gift wrap, scrap book paper),
a glue stick, scissors and pencil.

Get your envelopes...oh this is just so simple.

Tear them open...this is your template...trace this onto your paper.

Using your template...make all the folds in the right places!
Now glue it together...

and here's your fancy and fun new envelope!!! I told you...so simple!!!
(you can either make your own address label with paper, or buy those stick on labels)!
Of course, you'll need some super sweet stationery to go with your super sweet envelopes...
go here!!! for the cutest stationery in the world.  You just bring up the image...click on it to make it bigger, and then right click to print.  Super duper easy, and so so sweet!!! 

Here is some of our stationery we'll be using to write to our new penpals!

Now, if you haven't already, you have until Friday the 25th to sign up your kiddies for our pen pal club!
Please go to the original post here and leave your children's ages, and your location, as well as an e-mail address...if I don't have your e-mail address I can't sign you up.  In the next week I'll be sending out penpal matches for your kids...I'm doing it little by little, so if you don't hear back from me immediately don't worry.
I am so thrilled to see the number of people who are signing up...yes it's a bit of a job to organize, but I just think of all of our kiddies writing letters to each other...actually writing, and mailing letters...it's like a lost art these days...and it makes it all worthwhile!!

xo maureen 


  1. Sunny and I were just talking about what type of stationery to use. :) Thanks again for organizing everything!

  2. We LOVE making envelopes this way! But I never thought to use scrapbook paper. Your envelopes are scrumptious with their colour and texture!

  3. We we excited today to receive our match were discussing what type of stationary to use. These envelopes are fab!!

  4. This will definitely be shared on my next TLWR post!! Great post and thanks for contributing to the revival of the lost art of letter writing!

    Julie at

  5. This penpal project is such a great idea! I don't think my son would be interested....but I would have been at his age. I'll ask him later. I've made envelopes this way, too. It's fun! love, Beth

  6. I sent V's first letter to her English penpal yesterday...very excited! We'll do J's today. Thanks for coordinating this, Maureen! I made a bunch of magazine-picture envelopes last week (in spring colours)...they're so delightful.


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