Sunday, February 13, 2011

Walnut Hearts

Wanted to share the treasures that appeared when slicing open the walnuts for our acorn valentines we were creating!

Thought they needed a home where we could enjoy their sweetness...
so, we glued on magnets and voila ~
 lovely fridge magnets to hold up the art that continually passes through our home.

Love how nature is a continual inspiration.

~ Happy Valentines Day ~

Here's to sharing the love, soaking up the love and celebrating love!
With love
~ Shanti ~


  1. OH I LOVE THIS!! I have to send this picture to my friend who HAS to put walnuts in fun! Happy Valentines Day to you Shanti!!

  2. LOVE the heart!
    Gorgeous :)

    Happy Valentine xo

  3. You always do such lovely activities. The heart magnet is great and so eye catching! please feel free to pop by and link up at our blog linkup which is on mondays, here is this weeks


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