Saturday, February 19, 2011

kiddie pen pal club! (continued)

So far we've had a tremendous response for our "kiddie pen pal club!"  I just want to remind people that you have until Friday February 25th to sign up your kids.  Sign up HERE at the first kiddie pen pal post...under the comments section. 
I also wanted to send out a reminder  that you
MUST leave me an e-mail address
So far I've been able to track most of you down, but there are a few of you who I can't find any e-mail addresses for.  If I don't have one, can't find one, I can't match you up. 
Also I need your children's ages, so I can match you up with an age appropriate match, and I'd like to know where you live, so I can match you with someone who lives somewhere new.    I can't give you all overseas penpals, but I'll at least try to get you a different state!!
I have to say that so far I have matches for almost every kid...dare I call it penpal serendipity!!??
I may start e-mailing people their matches early next be prepared...get those pens warmed up and enjoy some penpal love!!!!

xo maureen



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