Monday, September 20, 2010

The Great Gathering!

This time of year brings the great harvest! 
One of my favorite things to gather and store from the bounty, is nature items to craft with. I have a very messy porch at the moment, brimming with baskets and boxes of woodland treasures. A car continually littered with leaves, sticks, stones, acorns, dirt, moss and bark and a floor continually needing to be swept from the trail of goodies coming in. Thinking soon I must organize...
For now though, we will keep filling these beautiful Autumn days with gathering!

Hydrangeas for drying...

 Milkpods ~ so many great crafts you can make with these...

 Flowers and leaves for pressing ...

 Acorns, acorns, acorns! (and all I can see are many, many fairy heads ; ) 

seed pods and grasses...

 Wings ~ butterflies and maple keys...

Pine cones ~ all shapes and sizes 

 and of course, what afternoon of woodland adventures would be complete without climbing a tree! 

I would love to hear what you collect to craft with in your neck of the woods?

Perhaps we could start a nature swap... then craft with inspiration from around the world!

Happy Gathering



  1. Wow, so much bounty in your area! I was planning on going for a nice nature walk with my kids yesterday or today to gather some items for our fall nature plate (we don't have a table yet), but it's been raining. Thankfully, it's calling for nice, warmer and dry weather within the next few days. Yay! Can't wait to see what we find.

    If you ever do a nature swap, count me in!
    Stephanie xx

  2. Wow! That's a bunch of butterflies!

  3. what a lovely collection you have .... your neck of the woods is VERY beautiful. How fortunate you are to have all those acorns! We had to make ours from wool roving... good luck with your lovely nature treasures

    light and love

  4. That first picture is beautiful, what a fabulous backyard you have!

  5. It's all so whimsical! That first picture of her picking the hydrangea is gorgeous! We've been 'harvesting' in our local woods, but us city folk don't have as much luck. Where does one even look to finda plethora of undamaged butterfly wings??!

  6. We have a gathering shelf on our porch too.
    So far we also collecting feathers as our chickens are molting.
    We look forward to the milk weed pods in another week or two.
    Otherwise, we must live in a similar climate with much of the same available.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  7. The basket of wings is amazing!!

  8. such a lovely collection of goodies. i love the wings. all i see are fairy heads too! so funny.

  9. What beautiful things you can gather and collect and those buterfly wings are amazing!!!!
    At the moment we are collecting mainly leaves, flower petals.

    Thank you for visiting my blog today and leaving such a beautiful comment, I love reading your blog and think it is wonderfully inspiring, creative and full of wonderful things to make.

    Have a wonderful day. xx

  10. Holy crap, girl! Amazing finds and fab photos!

  11. Wonderful. It's the word that I say for each post in this blog!
    I have post your "Delightful Dragonflys" on my FB page. If you want you could vist it on RosiJoFanPage
    Lots of love, Rosi

  12. I love all of your collections and although we are collecting too, our haul is nowhere near as impressive as yours!

    We currently have the inevitable sticks and stones, endless pine cones, feathers, conkers (although we are a little early for the really big haul), and leaves.

    Love the idea of an international mature swap, but would it get through customs?

  13. such a great gathering time. Her we have been collecting hazelnuts, sloe berries, elderberries, hawthornes, rosehips, crab apples, walnuts, horse chestnuts, acorns, pheasant feathers, ash keys, sycamore seed keys. What a wonderful time this is!

  14. Oh, for heaven's sake. That shot of your daughter is MAGICAL. Holy cats! Pastoral, romantic - not exactly E Nesbitt - more LM Montgomery. Or perhaps she is advertising clothes for a very upscale, carefully casual line of amazing designer children's duds. Lovely, lovely - frankly, I'd have it printed mantel sized and framed in barn wood with acorn embellished corners. You only prove that life can actually be like that. (Love the baskets full of bounty - most specially, the acorns.)


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