Monday, January 13, 2014

A Warm Fuzzy for Valentines Day!

We just put Christmas away…now let the LOVE crafts commence!!!

Here is our latest craft over at the "gnomestead"…the WARM FUZZY.
(because who wouldn't want a warm fuzzy little pal to keep you company on a cold winters day)!

To make your own you will need:
white roving
pipe cleaners
needle felting needle
peg person
fake "fun" fur
wool felt
glue gun and glue

To start cut a pipe cleaner in half…now wrap a little bit of roving tightly around your pipe cleaner…needle felt it into place…this should take you a minute tops.

When both sides of the pipe cleaner are done, wrap it just under the "head" of your peg
(you can glue it into place, but I found it held just fine like this).

Now take a small rectangle of "fun fur" and wrap it around the base…
hot glue this into place.  
Do the same with a square of "fur" around the head…glue it into place…
glue all the seams down.
(the fur will cover up any weird spots where the seams have overlapped etc.)

Glue on a couple of googly eyes…just one eye…it's up to you.
And lastly, cut out a tiny heart from felt…glue it to your fuzzy monsters tummy.

Here's an example of the other warm fuzzy monster we made!  

And here are some cards…click on picture and enlarge however you wish…
I designed them on PicMonkey.  

I got the term "warm fuzzy" from my guidance councillor in elementary school.  
She used to call HUGS, "warm fuzzies"…one of those things that has stuck with me!
These might also just be nice for a day when your children just need a "pick me up"…
who wouldn't want a warm fuzzy monster to hang out with?!

Wishing you all a warm and fuzzy day!



  1. Oh my! How cute are these? LOVE them.

  2. I think I've found the valentine's I'm sending to school with my kids this year, thanks so much for the idea! :)

  3. Brilliant idea! I've always wanted to give a warm fuzzy! Very pleased! Thanks!

  4. Aww, this is so cute. Makes me think I should really DO something with the bag of googley eyes I own! :-)

  5. One question, when you wrap the square for the head, I'm guessing you glue the center to the top, then kinda ease it around from here, right? Or do I have it totally wrong? I'm planning to make some of these for my kids, and I want to make sure they don't end up in my "epic fail" project heap. lol

    1. that's exactly what you do. You'll find the fun fur is SO fuzzy it will easily cover up the seams where you glue it down…it's actually a quite forgiving craft!
      Warm fuzzies all around!!

  6. So stinkin' adorable! My daughter would just love this :)


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