Friday, January 10, 2014

Ice Rainbow Sun Catchers

Here in our neck of the woods of Canada, we are in the midst of a real deep freeze. We decided to take advantage of the frosty temperatures and create an ice craft!
To create you will need:

6 Round foil cake tins
Bits of nature in all the colors of the rainbow ~ outside, your kitchen and anything you may have pressed over the summer/fall are great for inspiration!
Food Coloring

To begin:
Place the natural objects that you found into the tins ~ 

one for each color of the rainbow.

Add food coloring into a jar of water and pour it into its corresponding pan.

Some items will stay where you want, but no need to spend too much time arranging... once the water hits the the pan all the bits seem to have a mind of their own!

Carefully bring your tins outside to a flat surface and allow to fully freeze.

Once they are frozen, tuck string inside the tin around the circumference of the ice (the ice seems to slip out fairly easily to allow you to do this).
Then pour some cold water into the tin and wait for it to all freeze again ~ this will secure your string for hanging.

Once it is re-frozen it is ready to be hung...

and admired...

while it twirls in the sun, bringing color to the white blanket of winter.

As they all melt ~ eventually! ~ they will leave some lovely little treats for the birds behind. 

Hope you are finding yourself amidst bits of beauty where ever you are in the world!



  1. wish it was cold enough here to do this! so pretty!

    1. You don't have to wait, you can make them in the freezer.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Possibly the prettiest kids' craft I've seen. Definitely sharing this project on Pinterest!

  3. Those are beautiful!!! And unlike the poster above, I'm THRILLED it doesn't get cold enough to try that here! LOL! Love me some California! :D But that's a great project you guys did, and makes lovely pictures.

  4. I absolutely ADORE these suncatchers. I wish it were cold enough here to make them. Hoping for a dip in the temperature!

  5. So pretty! Can't wait to try these when it refreezes here.

  6. What a pretty idea! I always thought of doing this kind of thing with clear ice, but coloring it looks so neat.

  7. What a beautiful idea. I am hoping now for a bit of cold weather over here.

  8. We made ice suncatchers today too! Not as pretty as yours though!

  9. Love these we are exploring Ice for our Winter theme so we will make these next week :)

  10. SOOO beautiful! A must try...for sure. :)

  11. Oh, these are so beautiful!! With the arctic freezes we have been having, we should give this a try. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday! Oh, and congrats on being most clicked on this week!

  12. Words can't describe how beautiful I think these are. Shared here

  13. These are lovely. I am writing a lesson plan about observing freezing and melting for the Ontario Society of Environmental Education (OSEE) online journal. I would like to use your photos to illustrate the article. Credit for the photos and a link to your page would be included.

    OSEE is a not for profit organization dedicated to promoting environmental education. We collect membership fees, but do not make a profit. The journal article would be circulated to all of our members. If you have any questions or would like to reply to me directly you may use

    Thank You!

  14. These are stunning.. but I am wondering what about the string that is left behind?


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