Friday, January 24, 2014

Gnome shirt!!!!

Yeah…you "gnome" you want one!!

To make your own you will need:
t-shirts, (as much cotton content as possible)
cardstock and printer
bleach pen
good hearted gnome enthusiasm!!

Print out the image, (found below)…print ONLY on card stock!!!!  
You can blow it up to whatever size you wish…
cut out as much of the template as you want…I decided to leave a part of the belt in, and also got rid of the smiling face completely.

 Get a "bleach pen"…these things are amazing!!!  
Make sure you shake it well before you start using it…
otherwise it tends to come out very runny and bubbly!
You will want to sandwich some cardboard covered with plastic wrap or wax paper
in between your t shirt…
change the plastic or waxed paper between each use.
This will keep the bleach from bleeding right through to the back of your shirt!

Paint in the "holes" of your stencil…lay it on thick…this is no time to fear bleach, 
(the bleach is your best friend right now!!)
Leave it on for about 10 minutes…
pull off your stencil and rinse under cold water…I used a bit of soap to get off all the bleach…
launder as per usual…and…
(you will be THE coolest mom on the block…it's a bloody shame your kids don't share your enthusiasm for gnomes, but you "gnome" better don't you?!)

Yes pretty mamas…papas…children…babies…
(the possibilities are rather endless)!!

I would LOVE to credit this image to someone…anyone…I pinned it onto our Pinterest board quite some time ago, and now the "link" leads to nowhere.  
(If you know who this belongs to please please let us know)

I was envisioning myself becoming a public misfit, spray painting gnomes all over the streets of my small small town using this as my template…I opted to make t-shirts instead, seeing as how I'm a bit too old and responsible for bouts of public mischief!! 

Basically I saved this image, then blew it up before I printed it…again…USE CARDSTOCK!!!

Oh…I love me a good gnome craft!!! 



  1. what did you put between the two sides of the tshirt so the bleach didn't pass through to other side of tshirt? Thanks!!

  2. *duh…can't believe I left out that part :)
    I just updated the post…I used a piece of cardboard and covered it with wax paper, (because that was all I had on hand)…I changed the piece of wax paper for every shirt. It did the trick!

  3. Love it! Off to look for a pink shirt!

  4. Gnome bombing the neighborhood, I love it. The shirt, too!

  5. So cute and easy to do! Thanks for sharing this! You rock gnome!

  6. Aha, bleach pen! Very cool. I LOVE it!!!!

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