Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pinecone Love Fairies

One of our friends came over with pinecones in her pocket…
thinking they would inspire a little "something or other"…and they did!
Pinecone love fairies…just in time for Valentines Day!

To make your own you will need:
pinecones, any size will do
wooden beads
paint and paint brush
wool felt in red & pink
glue gun and glue

To start, paint some faces on your wooden beads.
Someone suggested to me to use a toothpick for doing the little eyes and mouths…
it actually works!
Let them dry.

While your faces are drying, cut out some little heart shaped wings…
cut out small red hearts first, then glue them onto your pink felt 
and cut around them…
size your hearts according to your pinecone…
bigger pinecone=bigger heart "wings"

Now using your glue gun, glue the wings onto the back of your pinecone.

Thread a piece of yarn through your wooden bead "head" and glue into place.
Glue this onto the top of your pinecone.

Embellish to your hearts delight…we added a little pink crown and a heart on her belly!
After all she IS a little LOVE fairy!
I always like to add a bit of pink on the cheeks as well…I use a beeswax crayon for this.

And here's the end result…
a sweet little LOVE fairy who is sure to spread LOVE where ever she may be!

Happy Love day Crafting!!!!



  1. Adorable! You have such cute craft ideas involving wooden beads. I need to get some someday so I can make a bunch of fairies! ^-^

    1. We order all of ours at ""…it's a Canadian store, and they have a great assortment of peg dolls and wooden bead heads!! I literally have a tote full of them…you never know when a pinecone will inspire a little something or other ;)

  2. Magical! These little people see more playtime with my Grandbabies then any other toy! Sweet face! Thanks so much for sharing this with us!♥

  3. What a precious fairy! I am pinning it to my To Make with Children board on Pinterest to spread your fairies there. Thanks for spreading love with these wee fairies.

  4. What size do you suggest for the wooden beads? Do you varnish them?

    1. For these I used 1/2 inch size…but if you use a bigger pinecone you may want a bigger head.
      And no…I don't varnish them…I find the paint holds very very well without using varnish.

    2. Thanks for the additional information.

  5. So, so adorable! My daughter would love making these! I have seen so many pinecone crafts, but I love the addition of the wooden head. It's so precious!

  6. What a cute idea. I know my youngest daughter would love to make these. Thanks for sharing. Found your blog on the Sweetheart blog hop. Following you on Google+

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