Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sumac Valentine Wreath

I was on a beautiful winter walk recently and happened to spot a sweet small forest of sumac. As I admired their bright red against the white snow ~ inspiration hit ~ such lovely gift from nature to create a love-filled wreath with! 

I gathered up an armload of the velvety berries (being sure to leave lots for the birds) and headed home to give it a try. 

To create you will need:
cardboard ( I used an old pizza box)
Sumac berries (staghorn sumac  ~ be sure you know exactly what they are meant to look like before heading out to collect!)
glue gun 

To begin, draw what ever size heart you want your wreath on to be and it cut out.

Fold your heart in half and cut out half a heart shape from of the center.


You can then fire up your glue gun...

and begin gluing your berry clusters onto the heart until all the cardboard is fully covered.

Next, fold your ribbon in half and glue the folded part to the back of your wreath for hanging. 

Then if you choose you can then add a little glitter to bring some extra sparkle to your love. To encourage the glitter to stick as well as to help preserve your wreath, give it a spray down of hairspray before shaking on the glitter.

We shook it on and then took if outside in the sunshine to test its "sparkleability". It passed! 
Ready for its new home.

 Our heart full of love now hangs as a welcome to all!

May love and sparkles find you where ever you are.



  1. LOVE it. Must look for Sumac around here and see if I can make one for my own door. Thanks for the idea! (removed the earlier comment bc of spelling errors and couldn't just edit it :))

  2. Awesome project!! Going to try and find some sumac!!

  3. So, so lovely! Unfortunately I no longer live anywhere near Sumac, that I know of anyway. I will just have to start driving around with pruning sheers in the car again.

  4. Wonderful! Lovely Sumac! So soft and pretty! Great idea and why didn't I think of that! Thanks!♥

  5. A flock of wild turkeys dines on our sumac every day! We love seeing them. I love the last photo because I can see your sweet face reflected in the window!! Makes me think we need a visit walking through that door and admiring the loveliness you always hang on it!

  6. I love this idea but the sumac doesnt grows here. : (

  7. Been looking for uses for staghorn sumac. Thanks. How well does it hold up? And how soon do you need to work with it before it gets too dry or loses its color? Can you keep it indoors?


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