Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Love Lanterns

It is mighty cold here in Ontario right now and it is all about staying cozy in this deep freeze! To bring some extra light to our evening snuggles by the wood stove, we created some love lanterns.  

To create you will need

pale pink tissue paper
mod podge
glass bowl
paint brush
pressed tulip petals

The wonderful thing I discovered with tulip petals is that they form hearts as they dry! 
To create these petal hearts, start by getting yourself a much needed of bouquet of tulips (ah.... spring in the dead of winter, medicine for the soul)!

 Press the tulip petals in a heavy book between two sheets of paper. Give them a week or so to dry and then voila... tulip petal hearts!

Cut or tear your tissue paper into strips.

Apply a layer of mod podge onto your bowl the length and width of a strip, place a strip on top and then apply another layer of mod podge.

Keep going until your entire bowl is covered.
Place it on a bottle to dry.

Next, add mod podge and then your hearts where ever your heart desires!
Finally mod podge very gently over top of your heart.

 Allow it to fully dry.

The tissue paper and hearts will remain fairly fragile until they are dry, so handle with care.

Light up your love lantern and find a snuggle partner to enjoy it with!

In love & light


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