Sunday, October 31, 2010


The whole fang damily enjoying the afternoon!
Keith and Matilda were Gnomes and Ruby was our distant cousin the Russian Gypsy!
(and yes, I'm the giant, somewhat perplexed looking Toadstool)!

Matilda..the little gnome.

Mama Toadstool and little gnome!

A handful of the kids at the afternoons Family dance!

Some more of the kids!

One of our friends generously rented the local Lions Hall so that we could have a Family Dance this afternoon!  Another friend offered to be the DJ, and the afternoon was spent dancing away to "Thriller", "The Time Warp" and "YMCA".

Now, all my Trick or Treaters are safe and sound at home...Papa Gnome and I are going to enjoy a quiet night eating the kids candy, (come do it too), and watching Nightmare on Elm Street!

Hope you had a wonderful Halloween night!
xo maureen


  1. Of COURSE you were a toadstool! But really, I can't believe you were a toadstool. I LOVE that. And I would have *so* been a gypsy, right along with Ruby!

  2. love the costumes!! especially your toadstool!! :)

  3. *Now* I get it. Shanti was "twig" in her birch costume, and you are "toadstool". I figured it out! Do I win something ;-)

  4. Wabi Sabi...yes, you do win the title of, (insert drum roll please)... "Most Brilliant Friend"!!!!!
    We saw your gang out trick or treating tonight...missed you at the festivities!
    xo maureen

    Thanks Mrs Sun Rae...that toadstool costume cost me one nights sleep...I was planning it all out in semi-sleep!

  5. SO cute! What a fun day! And is that hubby next to you??!! I LOVE his beard! I'm a beard girl ya know!!


  6. WooHooo! I like my new title. But really, the title belongs to the two of you for coming up with such BRILLIANT costumes. Really, your creative cleverness knows no bounds.

    Yeah, I was home (sick) with Littlest One, handing out the goodies (and consoling LO who was freaked out by all of the weirdness going on). But the big 'uns reported back on the Friend-Sightings...and that you were a toadstool :-)

  7. Samantha...YES! That's Papa Toadstool in all his bearded glory! (I'm a bit of a beard enthusiast myself!)
    xo maureen

    Wabi Sabi friend...feel better!

  8. Maureen - my favorite costume as a little girl was being a gypsy! You all look awesome.

    Happy Haunting!

  9. Oh, such cuteness (yes, all 4 of you!)


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