Monday, October 11, 2010

Majikal Milkweed Adventures & Creatures!

"Dainty milkweed babies, wrapped in cradles green,
Rocked by Mother Nature, fed by hands unseen.
Brown coats have the darlings, slips of milky white,
And wings - but that’s a secret, - they’re folded out of sight.

The cradles grow so narrow, what will the babies do?
They’ll only grow the faster, and look up toward the blue.
And now they’ve found the secret, they’re flying through the air,
They’ve left the cradles empty, - do milkweed babies care?"
Author unknown


A gorgeous fall day beckoned us out to play. Along the way we spotted a field of milkweed.. the pods bursting...the fluff floating and decided this place was the spot!

We collected our stash for crafting for the winter. We caught the "fairy seeds" to make our wishes ~  then set them free. We snuggled in the tall grasses... sunshine on our faces... watching the clouds of silky milkweed fluff go by...

When we returned home we set out creating some milkweed pod inspired creatures.

Here is what transpired...

Our owl
Made from pine cones (body and head), acorn tops (eyes), birch bark ~ (cut for beak and ears) pine cone scales (for the feet) and of course milk pod wings.  He's my favorite...not sure why...but he makes me smile!

 Our Bat ~ 
Made from spruce cone (body), green lentils (eyes), pine cone scales (ears) and milk pod wings.
*(soon to made in multiples for a halloween bat mobile!)*

and of course the wee mouse...(eek).
Made from apple seeds (eyes), pine needles (whiskers), pine cone scales and this much too realistic pod!

I actually have a ridiculous fear of mice. I hoped by making these, it would help me get over this silly phobia. No chance. I still get creeped out seeing one of these pod mice out of the corner of my eye. Ah well, perhaps someday I'll get over this nonsense ; )!

 Also there are these sweet acorn babies in a milkweed pod my fab fellow blogger Maureen makes  ~ love them.

The magic of milkweed...where there is milkweed...there are fairies.

"I thank you God for this most amazing day, for the leaping greenly spirits of trees, and for the blue dream of sky and for everything which is natural, which is infinite, which is yes."  ~e.e. cummings

In the spirit of floating fairies on the wind

~ Shanti ~

p.s. I must share ~ after I collected these milkweed, they lay in my trunk for much too long...then the fluff attached itself to all the thanksgiving items that left my trunk and flew off into the yards of my loved ones... Long live the fairies!!!


  1. oh how i wish we had these magical plants here!! fairy magic, indeed! my children and i have never witnessed such a sight. thanks for sharing!

  2. what wonderful magical creatures you made. but I must agree, that mouse creeps me out too! brave for you to have it around.

  3. i have cassi from the crafty crow to thank for sending me in your direction. i am completely inspired by your gentle nature crafts and look forward to trying some of your projects with my make a wonderful team!!

  4. Fabulous! love the bat and the poem :)

  5. Oh, the owl! - Also my favourite. He is so friendly and a bit goofy looking. I just wanna scoop him up and relocate him to our nature table ;-) The two littlest littles and I were frolicking with the milkweed babies this weekend as well.

  6. This is so beautiful, what a glorious day in the beauty nature. Your words of inspiration and you little animal creations are wonderful.

    Have a lovely day. xxx

  7. Love the photos and the crafts.... things made from nature ~ they are the best! I will never look at a milkweed the same way again!

  8. Ladies I'm sure you know that milkweed is the host plant for the Monarch butterfly. Without it the lava could not develop into a butterfly. Milkweed has toxic chemical compounds which is eaten by the monarch caterpillar and makes him poisonous to predators. I discovered this at a butterfly show at the botanical gardens in Arizona.

    Your creatures are just amazing, I love the owl and especially that really realistic looking

  9. I LOVE that snuggle photo. And your creatures are so cute. I can see why the bat is your favourite. He's very cute. :-) T

  10. Wow you made those animal figuring with your daughters?? It looks so real! I love the last shot. Just perfect =)

  11. Love seeing your animals that you create with nature. Your summer ones were beautiful as well. I have a serious fear of mice as well. The worst thing ever happened last year. I saw one run across the room, I guess I jumped, cause it ran under my foot & I squished it. I literally screamed and could not move. My husband had to help me outside so that he could clean it up. Ugh.

  12. i'm a new reader here, but wanted to check in and thank you both for all your wonderful, creative and inspiring posts. i don't know why it took me so long to find you!! anyway...sososo happy i did.

    again...many thanks. xx

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