Sunday, October 17, 2010

Acorn Jewelery

I was looking at my collection of acorns recently and thinking hmm... I would love to make some acorn jewelery. Crafting with them is one thing but I needed to find a way to wear these lovelies!

To make these you will need
acorn tops
stringing wire
jewelery pliers (the 3 in 1)
a clasp
dangle earring findings  (all of these basic jewelery making supplies can be found here (or many other places) and are easy to work with)
and a love for acorns ; ) 

To make the earrings...

Take a fairly large needle and push a hole through your acorn top. Be gentle, as to not split your top.  ( I realized after I took the photo how silly it looks to have the needle poking into my finger ~ obviously this is not the best way to poke the needle through ; ) 

Next slide your bead of choice onto the headpin, then the acorn top.

Using your pliers, cut the top of the wire sticking out to the size you want your loop to be and then bend your loop (sliding in the earring in before you close the loop).

There you go!  Now you can put on a pair these fae inspired earrings and imagine you are one of them...

Once the earrings were done I needed a necklace to match...(a matching set ~ how could I resist?!)

To make the necklace it is pretty straight forward. Just add on your favorite beads, close up the loose ends with the clasp and voila!

I am inspired to think of all the ways you could change this creation up... oh the colors you could use...

In the spirit of acorns

Love & Light 
~ Shanti ~


  1. Oh my gosh this is brilliant!!! I want one guess I have to make it if you don't sell it. Off to Michaels craft store!

  2. You have really outdone yourself this time! This is amazing! xxx

  3. What a great idea....and acorns are all around us now....

  4. I love this with the beads! I made myself some felted acorn earrings earlier this week to wear for a craft sale this week and of course now they are my favorites. I might have to get some beads and try this too....just beautiful!

  5. Beautiful!!!

    My acorn collection is now just an acorn caps collection because we had a huge infestation of nasty little worm/grubs this year that keep hatching in the warm house out of our acorns and they look like Maggots!!! yikes! ; (

  6. gorgeous!! i love the beads with the acorn caps!! you are so inspiring. ;)

  7. The jewelry looks brilliant! I'm thinking if I can also use acorns in making hair accessories.

  8. They are beautiful. I have a lovely collection of acorns from my travels - I almost don't want to use them for anything because we don't see them too often.

  9. Stunning and stylish! And beautifully clever. *And* I love how you photographed it with the oak leaf :-)

  10. These turned out so awesome! I love the blue and brown together, such a nice combo. Also the man-made vs. nature is a nice contrast too.

  11. Acorns! Such a lovely idea, and they turned out beautifully, too!

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