Monday, October 25, 2010

Acorn Birch Bark Napkin Rings

Meal time as a family is one of my favorite times of day. Growing up I loved when our big clan (10 of us) would gather for nourishment, laughter, banter and connecting after our busy days. Now with my own kids, I value the importance of making meal time together a priority. Luna loves the ritual of setting a beautiful table and on special occasions getting out the placemats and napkin rings to adorn the table. 
Here are some nature inspired napkin rings you can create for your autumn table.

To make these you will need
birch bark
napkin rings 
glue gun

Cut your birch in strips (measured carefully)  to cover each napkin ring. Glue on. Add you acorn embellishment.
Delightfully simple! 

Thinking these these would be great on a thanksgiving table...

or as a gift!

A easy addition to these napkin rings is to embroider a napkins to go with  them.  Embroidered napkins are a fun way for kids to personalize their own mealtime napkin or to give as a gift.

Solana did this one for her Grandpa David

Luna did this one for her Grandma Posie. 
They were so proud to give them to them.

These acorn napkin rings were part of a wedding gift for some dear friends. Here is a photo I wanted to share of this beautiful bride on her wedding day. Look at that fabulous rock and roll wedding dress!!  Love it!

Happy Autumn days to you all
~ Shanti ~ 


  1. These are wonderful! How lovely!

  2. Those are great - right up our alley.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  3. wow the girls have done a fabulous job of those napkins! Very close stitches. That dress is gorgeous, so is the bride!

  4. I am loving your acorn crafting. I have so much around here, it's so nice to think of them as raw crafting material and not just the stuff I have to pick from the floor

  5. still longing for birch bark!! looks like fun to work with. ;)

  6. Didn't have my camera at the wedding...thrilled to see that amazing dress once more, and that unforgettable smile. Lovely napkin rings! Your creativity is inspiring!

  7. I love the napkins and napkin rings, but what really drove me to comment was that wedding dress!!! Totally the most amazing wedding dress I've ever seen! I wish I'd thought of something like that!!!


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