Friday, October 15, 2010

Rainbow Skull Garland

I've been trying to think of some awesome Halloween decorations for the inside of the house that go beyond the traditional orange and black.  I went into the Halloween file hoping for some inspiration.  Well...thankfully I found a print out of a skull's from the Toymaker.  There are loads of free, fun printable Halloween items on this page, so definately go check it out.  In addition to the skull flags, there are also owls, pumpkins and cats.  I thought doing these flags on some rainbow coloured paper would be fun and colourful!  Here's what to do! First go over to the Toymaker and print out the template of your choice.  Cut it out and let the kids have some fun while you round up the rest of your supplies!

So...I got out some rainbow coloured cardstock and tissue paper.  I did modify the bottom slightly, only because the cardstock I was using was a bit short, so I just did a jaggety bottom.

Again...who can resist the allure of these skulls?

On the back of each flag I taped some tissue paper, and then punched two holes at the top of each flag, for the yarn to go through.  We hung it from our curtain rod, and holy looks awesome!  Honestly...I love it so much I think it will stay up for all of November as well.  I'm thinking it may also inspire a Day of the Dead celebration at my house this year.

Who knew skulls could look so darn sweet?!

I'm thinking tie dyed ghosts next?  Whaddya reckon?

xo maureen


  1. AWESOME!!! Off to make some for our doorway right now ; )

    Thank you!!!

  2. Super, super awesome! My boys want to decorate for Halloween today. Perfect!! Thanks for reminding me about this website, I'd forgotten about it.

  3. Great idea! I like the rainbow of colors and I think a tie dye skull head would be pretty groovy!

  4. what a great inexpensive idea...going to do it with my girls right after i finish typing this...we celebrate the day of the dead in our home...and this will definately add to the party!!!

  5. Love this idea ! super fun !

  6. Those are so cute! Love those rainbow skulls. :)

  7. Very neat!! If I had any extra energy I'd be making these in a heartbeat! Gak this 3rd trimester!!


  8. I wanted you that I linked back to you with this post! Thanks!


  9. Super cool Mama!!! This would be an awesome project to make with fabric or felt too!

    Love it!!


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