Monday, March 17, 2014

Coaxing Lilacs To Bloom Indoors

I had read somewhere that you could bring lilac branches in during winter and coax them into bloom. I decided I had to give it a try. How could I resist the thought of getting to experience one of my favorite spring gifts a little early?! My eyes yearned for the bright green of new life and buds blossoming.

It was such a wonderful thing for us to watch the day-by-day process as they unfurled their gorgeous green. Then their delicious flowers came forth to bring us the scent of spring. A small miracle in these parts right now.
I thought I'd share the journey in case you are inspired to give it a go!

I cut some branches off our favorite lilac bush.

Gently, I broke the cut ends open with a hammer to help them drink.

I put them in water (with a bit of sugar), misted them daily and together we waited...

Such delight at the sight of all that green and sweet little lilac blooms.

Can't you just smell them?!
Soon they shall be bursting forth *for real* in all their spring glory.

In lilac love,



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