Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Little Chick

With Spring just a day away, and Easter looming on the horizon, we decided to make a little creature
who we think adequately represents this time of year!
the Little Chick

Here is our bead head and base…these items can be picked up easily from Michaels or online at "stockade".

To make your own you will need:

wooden bead
base, (we used a wooden "pot")
paint and paint brush
wool felt
glue and glue gun

To start paint your "Little Chick"…
if you wanted to change this into a bird instead paint whatever colours you wish.
Try using a toothpick for the little dot eyes…it works very well.

Cut out your "wings" and "beak" from felt.

Using your glue gun, glue them on and glue your wooden head onto the base.

Cut out some little felt feathers...

And here you go. 
 A sweet little chick to welcome in Spring or to stick in an Easter basket!
(I don't think bunnies are too far behind)

Tomorrow is the first official day of Spring…
hope looms on the horizon!!



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