Friday, March 21, 2014

Mama & Baby Bunnies

With spring now officially here (YAY!!) we were inspired to craft up some fresh faces for our spring nature table. My daughter Luna, has a real love of  bunnies and I have a real soft spot for all things itty bitty... combined these baby bunnies and their mama just needed to be born!

They were short and sweet to whip up.

To create you will need
pipe cleaner
wool roving
acorn cap
cotton ball
paint & paint brush
peg doll

To begin 
Pry your walnut open and scrape out the insides.

Slide your bead onto a small piece of pipe cleaner.
Wrap the pipe cleaner in roving to create the baby body.

Add on an acorn cap and glue the babe into the walnut shell.

Cut out some little felt ears and glue on.
Add a face if you wish.

For the mama
Measure and cut a pice of felt to cover the body and glue it on.

Add on an acorn cap and a face.
Cut out felt ears and glue on.

Add a little felt tummy and glue on a cotton ball tail.

There you have it! Mama and baby bunny.

Seeing as bunnies tend to be a bit prolific and that the bitty babies were so much fun, we couldn't resist but give him a sister. Doesn't she look so happy to be a part of things?! 

In spring love


  1. Adorable and magical! Thanks!♥

  2. Wish I could find acorn caps around here! All I can find are from Live Oak trees, and they're so tiny, they won't even fit on the little peg dolls! lol

  3. Adorable! Especially love the wee ones tucked in their walnut shells.


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