Sunday, March 9, 2014

Rainbow Wreath & Flowers

We are mildly obsessed with rainbows over here. With spring around the corner and St.Patty's day inspiration all around, we thought we would have some fun and bring you a week of rainbow crafts! Today we are sharing our rainbow tissue paper flowers and our rainbow wreath. A fun way to bring some rainbow beauty to celebration, play, gifts, dress up... so many possibilities!

Here is what you will need
 rainbow colored tissue paper
 pipe cleaners

To begin,  take a sheet of each color of your tissue paper and place them on top of each other.
 Next cut your stack into 4 squares and arrange them in the order of the rainbow on top of each other.

Then take your piles of tissue paper squares and fold it accordion style ~  folding it over 1/2 inch to 1 inch then folding it back the other way. It should look similar to a fan when you open the folds.

Tie the middle together with a pipe cleaner ~ leaving the majority of the pipe cleaner for the stem.

Next, use your scissors to form the shape of the petals, by rounding off each end of your folded fan.

Now you are ready to open your flower.  Gently and gradually pull the top sheets away from the others up towards what will be the center of the flower. 

 Repeat this step with each subsequent layer of tissue paper until you have done this for all of them.

After you have separated the layers play around...fluff them up and bring them to life!
There you have it!
Rainbow love.

With left over tissue paper we thought it would be nice to dress up with it a bit! The rainbow wreath is super simple. We twisted a pipe cleaner to fit the head. Cut rainbow tissue paper into squares, scrunched the paper into "little flowers" and glued them on to the pipe cleaner.

To top it off we cut some strips of rainbow tissue paper and stapled them on the back.

It was a hit!

Rainbows just seem to bring out the smiles.

In rainbows and sweet smiles,



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