Monday, March 10, 2014

Rainbow Sunbursts

This week we're featuring some
crafts we've been working on!

We're still up to our hips in snow, but hope is in the air!!

Today we whipped up some colourful rainbow sunbursts…they serve no official purpose, but they do bring in some much needed colour into my home, and they were fun to make…art for the sake of art!

To make your own you will need:
food colouring
paint & paintbrush

To start mix up your food colouring…all the colours of the rainbow.

Then put in your toothpicks…soak them for about an hour.
After they are done drain them on paper towel…they will be dry in about another hour or so.

Aren't they pretty??!!

Next enlist the help of a pint sized friend…cut out circles of cardboard…
paint them whatever colour you wish…front and back and sides.

Next, when your paint is dry, cover the surface with white glue…just plain craft glue works fine.

Then start laying down your rainbow pattern with the toothpicks…

Eventually they will look like this.

Then take a piece of string and needle and poke a hole through the top for hanging!
Enjoy the "BURST" of rainbow goodness!  

Wishing you all colour, JOY and a "spring" in your step!



  1. Coloring toothpicks! I can't believe I never thought of that before. So pretty!

  2. Very cute for back yard party decorations gives me ideas for popsicle sticks!


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